Romania Issues Plans to Store Government Documents as NFTs

The Romanian National Authority for Informatics Protection of Personal Data and the European Commission have finalized plans to store personal documents on a blockchain so they cannot be accessed by hackers. The government is also in talks with companies like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM about building software that would handle these contracts between citizens and country’s governments.

The “nft tips and tricks” is a blog post that discusses the plans of Romania to store government documents as NFTs. The article also provides some useful information on how to use NFTs.

The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI) of Romania has unveiled a brand-new national initiative that uses blockchain technology to transmit, store, and get access to its residents’ official identification documents. The project, known as “Romania’s National System for Issuers and Assets” (NSIDA), aims to increase the efficiency with which vital government documents, such birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and land/property titles, are obtained and administered. 

As you may have predicted, NFTs will be the storage format for these documents, with each form anticipated to have a non-fungible counterpart that will reside on the highly scalable and environmentally friendly Elrond blockchain. These “old school” techniques will continue to work for anyone who choose to use their actual, tangible papers. 

The project will also see the introduction of a private and secure NFT marketplace where individuals may buy authenticated government papers without having to endure the tiresome job of physically picking them up from offices. 

The ICI will be aiming to employ Elrond’s services even more in the future and after the launch of NSIDA (which hasn’t been assigned an official start date), in order to create a decentralized network for the vital public resources of the nation.  

A perfect illustration of how Web3 is really the next phase in the technical development of human civilization is this usage of blockchain technology, which many NFT enthusiasts have long predicted would ultimately emerge from the area. Despite this, it is possible that larger media organizations will opt to overlook this ground-breaking project and instead focus on Bill Gates’ recent criticism of “expensive digital photos of monkeys.”


The “best nft comment” is a blog post by the Romanian government, which discusses how they plan to store their documents as NFTs. The post also includes some interesting information about how they plan to use these NFTs in the future.

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