Romance Prevails in Innovative New NFT Platform ‘WeLockLove’

WeLockLove is a new platform that allows you to lock your love with an NFT and earn cryptocurrencies in return. Users can compete for their favorite crypto by locking hearts from the beginning of Valentine’s Day 2019 until the end of October 2020.

The “the heart project nft” is a new platform that uses blockchain technology to help people find their true love. The website has a very innovative, futuristic design and the creators of the site are looking for investors.

As most people would agree, ‘the weight of love’ is a notion that is mostly abstract and has no meaningful connection to the physical reality. Before the events of 2015, when the theory was turned on its head as the 1,000,000+ lovelocks of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris were one day removed owing to their excessive, safety-related weight, the idea might be represented as factually real. A total of almost 45 tonnes of ‘weight of love’ was removed.

Despite such seeming merciless murders of romance, Parisian lovers are in fortunate, as a stunning new NFT platform called ‘WeLockLove’ is on a revolutionary quest to harness the hundreds of photographs depicting unique lovelocks from the historic bridge.

WeLockLove, among a slew of other projects, will use NFTs to reconnect couples with their lovelocks, ensuring that their love-showcasing efforts will live on in perpetuity on the blockchain.

Become a Historian’s Keeper

In 2013, a photographer known only as ‘Alexis’ photographed around 40,000 distinct lovelocks on the renowned bridge. The massive collection of images led the establishment of the WeLockLove website the following year, which gave couples a unique location to look for their cherished lovelock online.

Plans have subsequently been made to improve the idea, and now romantics who suspect Alexis of photographing their lovelock will be able to visit the WeLockLove database and obtain a free NFT version of their lovelock if their search is successful (with such opportunity of course only be available to those who declared their love on the bridge before 2014).

The platform is looking for community members to explain the properties of each lovelock (i.e., the names on it) in order to create the database, and in exchange, they will be paid with exclusive NFTs.

Another endeavor to remember the ostensibly lost lovelocks of Paris is the introduction of 915 ‘The Originals’ NFTs, each of which will be a unique collage of Alexis’ 37,374 pictures. Around 90% will be available for purchase, with the remaining 10% being given away at random or as a prize.


The Metaverse: Your Spot on the Future’s Bridge

WeLockLove is also developing ‘The Bridge of The Future,’ a 3D metaverse experience allowing users to express their collection of creative sentiments digitally, in collaboration with Artgence 3D. There will be a limited number of 37,374 separate ‘Spaces’ for people to show their ‘Lovelock of the Future’ works in to pay honor to Alexis’ photography efforts that give the groundwork for such inventive platform.

In addition, a community contest will choose the design of the 3D ‘Bridge of the Future’ and the ‘LoveLocks of the Future.’ Digital artists interested in learning more about the competition may reach out to the platform directly via their Twitter account.



According to the WeLockLove roadmap, contributions to describe lovelocks will begin after their Twitter account reaches 1,000 followers, with a scoreboard in place to determine which top contributor will earn a ‘The Originals’ NFT. Exclusive raffles with additional ‘The Originals’ NFTs on the line are also in the works.

Additional ‘The Originals’ NFTs will be released when more ‘Contribution’ objectives are fulfilled. Once all of the NFTs have been issued, the ‘Bridge of the Future’ contest will begin, followed by the opening of the WeLockLove database. The 37,374 3D Spaces will subsequently be launched at a later date that has yet to be determined.

Visitors to the contemporary photography event ‘fotofever’ in Paris may get a first glance of WeLockLove digital artwork.

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