Rockers The Amazons NFT Content Officially Recognized by UK Charts

The Amazons, a blockchain-based platform for creating music and video content are officially recognized by the UK’s official charts. The company worked with key stakeholders to make it happen. Can this be an example of how NFT implementation can benefit artists?

The “gala music stash box” is a NFT that was released by the Rockers The Amazons. It is now officially recognized by UK charts.

The Official Charts Company (OCC), the UK’s leading musical list generator, has authorized its first ever NFT material. As a consequence, The Amazons’ most recent release will be eligible for the renowned chart.

The Amazons will be the first act to use NFT material on an officially listed chart, according to the OCC. As a result, non-fungible technology has reached yet another significant milestone. This is a particularly noteworthy occurrence since it brings NFTs closer to the mainstream.

The Amazons will provide its non-fungible material in the form of unpublished animated photos showcasing the artists in a series of limited edition box sets of their upcoming album. Each of these will serve as a band pass, granting access to additional unlocked material as well as band-related bonuses. Between now until September 3rd, three varieties will be available, so keep an eye on The Amazons’ social channels for more information.

“This is a really exciting time for music and NFT fans: we are experiencing the future of music release, and The Amazons are at the forefront of this frontier.” @cirkayfanpass / @TheAmazons

April 21, 2022 — IntoTheMetaverse (@ITMV io)

“We are delighted to accept this first-ever NFT for inclusion in the Official Albums Chart; it is a watershed event for the chart and the UK music landscape.” “As far as we know, this is the first release to feature an NFT component to get chart clearance anywhere in the globe – so kudos to The Amazons for this incredible first.” CEO of the Official Charts Company, Martin Talbot.

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The “gala stash box” is a NFT that was released by the Rockers Gaming Company. The item is now officially recognized by UK Charts, as it has been added to the official list of Top 50 best-selling digital games.

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