Riot Racers Play-to-Earn Dropping Drivers NFT Collection

In the competitive racing genre, players compete against each other in a variety of games. The top half scorers are rewarded with new cars and tracks to play on, while everyone else has to rely on buying them outright. Riot Racers is unique because it allows users who own any car or track previously earned through gameplay hope to win by collecting tokens that drop randomly during matches as they race

The “riot racers drop” is a new in-game item that can be earned by playing League of Legends. The item is an NFT, which means it’s not physical and has no value outside of the game.

Imagine a world where you may not only play with vehicles, but actually own them, as well as repair businesses, petrol stations, billboard land, and racetrack property. Riot Racers, a new play-to-earn automobile racing game, will offer all of this and more to the NFT gaming world. As NFT assets, players will be able to own elements of the game.

Game Play

Players choose a Driver and a Car, purchase petrol at a Gas Station, and then select a race that is specific to their Car’s racing class. Based on the track conditions and other game elements, players may pick from a variety of racing tactics to use in the race.

The game then runs in the background as the participants watch the outcomes unfold. The race winners earn a percentage of the prize pool, which is made up of the event’s petrol expenses. $RIOT Tokens are used to pay out winnings. First place receives half of the prize fund, while second and third place share the other half.

NFT Drop for Upcoming Drivers

The Genesis Drivers Collection, which includes 11, 111 playable NFTs, will be available to whitelist members on December 1 and to the general public on December 2. Each Driver NFT will be 0.07 ETH and will be available for purchase on the Riot Racers marketplace. The drop will be a “Blind Drop,” which means you might acquire either a highly rare or a common Driver. About 24 hours following the drop, the information, such as the kind of Driver, skill attributes, and character features, will be disclosed.

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are the four sorts of Drivers, and they are visually divided into three categories: male, female, and mecha. They will all have distinct facial expressions, hair/hats, smoking, clothes, and other characteristics.

Driver NFTs have been designed with fantastic graphics, making them suitable for profile photographs as well as use in the future Riot metaverse. Owners of Genesis cars will also get one free driver for each Genesis vehicle they own.

150 Racetrack Land Plots will be given away at the launch, and every 50th Driver NFT purchased will get a free Racetrack Land Plot. You’ll also be whitelisted to acquire one vehicle in the inaugural Apollo Collection Car Drop for every Driver you buy during the drop.

Buyers will be able to acquire Driver NFTs by just paying mainnet ETH for the sum of all the Drivers they wish to buy, with no minting costs, to guarantee minimal gas expenses. And keep in mind that drivers determine 20% of the race result and are the primary play-to-earn component of Riot Racers, so the more the merrier!


$RIOT Tokens & Game Assets

All in-game transactions are made using $RIOT tokens, which may be obtained for free by joining the Riot Owner’s Club. Depending on the class level and prize pool amount for winning, some races will be free to enter and others will be charged.

Game assets may be bought on the Riot Racers marketplace or on OpenSea’s secondary market. Owners of game assets will be able to generate passive money by upgrading their cars in Mechanic Shops or filling up their petrol tanks at Gas Stations. You will get a share of the upgrading costs or gas fees if you own a Shop or Station. Racetrack landowners also get a share of the fees collected from the races held on their property.

Join the Discord channel to learn more about the impending drop and how to sign up for the whitelist.

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The “opensea riot racers” is a NFT that is being used in the Riot Racers Play-to-Earn. The item can be earned by playing the game and completing missions.

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