Richard Garfield Joins Blockchain Brawlers to Develop PvP Offering

Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering joins Blockchain Brawlers to create a PvP offering. In his first podcast since being announced as an advisor to the project, Richard talks about how blockchain will disrupt games and other industries.

Richard Garfield, the creator of the digital collectable card game ‘Magic: The Gathering,’ has teamed up with WAX Studios to provide a player-versus-player (PvP) gaming experience in Blockchain Brawlers, WAX Studios’ new play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game.

The new layer will be integrated into the game’s pro-wrestling-styled contests, in which players fight against one another to win $BRWL, the game’s native currency, as well as craft their way to success by putting together equipment like wrestling rings and weapons.

When it comes to WAX Studios’ approach on Web3 gaming, which entails integrating P2E and PvP gameplay inside unique and highly desired ecosystems put together by prominent game designers, the cooperation appears logical. Garfield is often credited as the creator of the digital trading card game genre.

“We established up WAX Studios because we believe Web3 gaming is in desperate need of redefinition,” said Michael Rubinelli, CGO of WAX Studios. It’s more about farming than having fun right now. Adding Richard Garfield’s elegant, mathematical, and strategy-driven mind to the creative team behind our new PvP layer will take Blockchain Brawlers to new heights and raise the standard on Web3 gaming.”

However, even before the news of Garfield, the new gaming environment seemed to have done well, as $BRWL gathered over $431 million in trading volume in the two weeks after its introduction earlier this month.

The game’s long-term goal, as well as WAX Studios’ overall goal, is to involve as many people as possible with its Web3 offering of head-to-head gameplay dynamics, a notion that has proved to be very popular in other sports and combat-based Web2 games. To go beyond these centralized mechanisms and add to its P2E dynamics, the company plans to expand on Web3 by creating secondary market options to guarantee players have a reliable source for producing their own gaming things.

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