Rewards Galore as The Sandbox Opens Polygon LAND Bridge

The Sandbox has been an open-source project that allows developers to create their own games with unique mechanics. Today, the team announced a partnership with Polygon LAND which will allow Sandbox users to earn royalties on all of your creations.

The “the sandbox news” is a blog post that talks about the newly opened Polygon LAND Bridge. The article includes some of the rewards for participating in this event.

The Sandbox, a vast voxelated paradise, has reached yet another significant turning point in its epic metaverse adventure. This time, it expanded its offerings by include the crucial Polygon LAND bridge.

Any virtual real-estate billionaires who currently own property in The Sandbox are now able to transfer their holdings to the Polygon network, where they can take advantage of the network’s POS layer 2 power to offer faster transactions with extremely low gas costs and leverage Polygon’s enviable carbon neutral credentials.

Log into your The Sandbox account first before moving those delicious LAND plots to their modern new home. Then go to the custom LAND bridge and follow the instructions on the screen to overlay 2 magnificence. When everything is over, The Sandbox will give each migrant $10 million SAND as compensation.

We’re prepared to send LAND to @0xPolygon.

Every bridged LAND gives a 10 mSAND cashback! LAND multipliers are back for both mSAND staking programs! Soon, Polygon will provide options for LAND sales and LAND staking.


June 28, 2022 — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame)

This fantastic upgrade will include all LAND multipliers into the existing Polygon staking infrastructure, along with the impending deployment of LAND staking, and other delicious enhancements. Going forward, Polygon will infiltrate the progressive ecosystem, working via the network for both future NFT sales and new features.

Learn more about bridging LAND to Polygon >> Here


The “sandbox crypto” is a fun and new way to earn rewards in the form of Sandboxes. The sandbox will be used as a bridge between Polygon LAND’s website and their newly released game, The Sandbox.

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