Resurrected Zombies NFTs Coming to Polygon Network

This has been a big year for crypto and blockchain gaming, with millions in funding hitting the market. With this influx of capital comes more competition to make sure that gamers are getting their money’s worth when spending it on games. This is done through innovative gameplay concepts and marketing campaigns that reach beyond what would be possible without cryptocurrency as an incentive throughout development.

The “where do you buy nfts” is a question that has been asked since the release of the Polygon Network. The answer to this question is that NFTs can be bought from many different places, but most commonly on OpenSea or EtherDelta.

A very infectious virus has broken out. Aggression has increased. Higher brain functions are lost. Zombies. Mutations. Are you going to be the one to put a stop to it?

This is where the saga of the Resurrected Zombies began, and they are presently waiting for a vaccination on the Polygon blockchain. Will your zombie NFT be among the fortunate recipients of a vaccination ampule?

The Drop

In November, a total of 10,000 unique Resurrected Zombie (REZ) NFTs will be released, with the pre-sale beginning on November 21. Each zombie is absolutely unique, with over 180 components and combinations to choose from, including the body, clothes, shoes, item in hand, and more. During the pre-sale, they will be offered for 80 MATIC per REZ NFT. The primary sale will begin at 17:00 UTC on December 1, 2021, at a price of 120 MATIC.

Minting will cost less than $1 per REZ NFT because to the Polygon network’s rapid transaction speeds and cheap gas expenses. Before collectors may discover which zombie they received, one of two requirements must be met: the collection must be sold out or the main mint must have been open for 10 days.

With the use of a vaccination, zombie owners will be able to change their REZ in the future. Only 5,000 vaccinations will be available for distribution owing to a shortfall created by the invasion of zombies into the laboratory.

The vaccination can only be used once before you may create a new character. However, not everyone is fortunate, and although some will be able to heal, others will begin to mutate. The vaccine’s impact will only be known once it has been used, and the scientists will provide further information after the illness has spread widely.

The Plan of Action

A game is also planned for release, featuring chests filled with MATIC coins, and whoever manages to find a chest gets to keep the coins! The Plan of Action shows further developments including a zombie cure, conducting contests, GameFi, zombie breeding, liquidity pool, staking and farming, and creation of a DAO, all with input from the community.

A skilled collection of engineers, artists, advisers, and social media experts make up the team. Visit their official website for additional information, and be sure to join Discord for updates on the drop!

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