Refik Anadol and Christie’s Present a Demonstration in Living Architecture

To mark the 150th anniversary of Christie’s, they partnered with Refik Anadol. They created a living model which represented an early 18th-century London mansion during one of its many transformations over the years.

The “refik anadol exhibition 2022” is a project that will be held in the year of 2022. The project is being done by the Turkish artist, Refik Anadol.

The stunning “Casa Batlló: Living Architecture” installation outside the Rockefeller Building in New York was launched by digital artist extraordinaire Refik Anadol, who has once again proved his brilliance in the NFT arena.

The captivating artwork is based on the familiar façade of Barcelona’s Casa Batlló, the Gaudi-designed structure after which it is named. The artist then utilizes climatic data to create a series of enigmatic visuals based on real-life weather patterns in the Spanish city. As a consequence, each individual who looks at it will have a completely different view.

I’m at a loss for what to say… The collaboration between @refikanadol and @CasaBatlloGaudi is now on display. @ChristiesInc Rockefeller Plaza is a landmark in New York City. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week till May 10th— The final item in our 21c Eve Sale that night is Living Architecture:

30 April 2022 — Noah (@NonFungibleNoah)

Those mesmerized by its captivating sights will subsequently be able to acquire the magnificent piece of art. On May 13, the sculpture will be auctioned off as part of Christie’s 21st Evening Sale. However, potential buyers face a daunting $1–$2 million price tag, with 10% of the monies set aside for philanthropic contributions.

Refik’s magnificent work will be on display until May 13th, when it will be moved to its new location. As a result, after Christie’s sale, it may be inaccessible. So, before it’s too late, go down to the Rockefeller skyscraper in New York and see this incredible ‘live NFT’ for yourself.

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In the “refik anadol opensea” Christie’s presents a demonstration in living architecture. The presentation is about how to build a sustainable and healthy community using blockchain technology.

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