Reddit Goes Live with NFT Avatar Feature and Marketplace

The new features allow users to purchase and sell their avatars. The marketplace will bring more visibility for creators, who are able to monetize content through NFTs.

The “nft marketplace” is a new feature that was just released on Reddit. It allows users to sell and buy NFTs on the platform.

Reddit, the self-described “first page of the internet,” has been going further and farther down the NFT rabbit hole. Currently adopting the blockchain with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and marketplace for profile pictures.

For its debut, Reddit has made available 87 original designs created by artists from some of its most renowned communities. They are being sold in defined quantities for fixed costs ranging from $9.99 to $99.99 and can be purchased using bank cards via the Stripe payment system. Users may then show them on their accounts, store them using Reddit’s built-in Vault wallet, and exchange them freely on the secondary market after making a purchase.

Reddit users who want to participate must first subscribe to the r/CollectibleAvatars subreddit and then register their wallet. They may then choose their preferred polygon-based NFT and edit their profiles after that. The new NFT avatars will reportedly become available to all Reddit users in the next weeks, and a new “mix and match” function will soon enable users to further improve their profile pictures.

While you can, get them! Limited-edition works created by some of Reddit’s most ardent artists are called Collectible Avatars.

Join r/CollectibleAvatars to get early access: #RedditCollectibles

July 7, 2022: Reddit (@Reddit)

Owners of new NFTs will have only limited rights after purchase, allowing them to distribute the things all over the internet. They will, however, never fully own the intellectual property rights. Additionally, Reddit and the participating artists will split any income from the main and secondary sales evenly.


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