Red Bull Continues F1’s NFT Hype with Monaco Playseat Auction

The international energy drink company Red Bull has announced that they will be auctioning off a Monaco Grand Prix-themed Formula One Racing playseat, in order to raise funds for their charitable foundation.

The “f1 monaco” is an item that was created in partnership with Red Bull. The item is a playseat, which allows the user to experience what it would be like to drive on the Monaco track.

Oracle Red Bull Racing becomes the second F1 superpower to introduce the blockchain to race day, after Mercedes’ mass rollout of free NFTs during the Miami Grand Prix. The Web3 sale in question is a two-part NFT auction that will take place during the most opulent race on the Formula One calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix. 

The Oracle Red Bull Racing NFT Auction will feature just one grand winner, in keeping with the exclusive atmosphere of the Monégasque princedom, with the top prize being a one-of-a-kind Monaco-edition ‘Playseat’ NFT, a physical gaming-like simulator that F1 drivers use in practice.

The second component of the prize is a genuine Monaco-edition Playseat, which comes with a Fanatec Podium F1 wheel, wheel base, and CSL Elite pedals to create the most realistic simulation imaginable. The Playseat, on the other hand, will not be brand new, since it will be put up in the racing paddock over the race weekend on May 27th-29th, with drivers and Red Bull athletes welcome to try it out before it is transported off to the fortunate winner of the auction. 

The auction for the famous pair of prizes is currently open until May 31st on the Bybit NFT marketplace. Because the NFT is minted on the Tezos blockchain, bids will be accepted in $XTZ, with a minimum of $600. 


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