Metaverse, the blockchain-powered open source platform is taking off and now has more than 1 million active users. The platform offers an innovative way for players to accumulate digital assets in their game of choice that can then be used in other games or for use as currency outside of their chosen game. This type of integration creates a new gaming economy where player experience can take precedence over payouts from publisher controlled systems.

The “ready player one metaverse name” is a virtual reality game that takes place in the world of Ready Player One. It has been taking off recently as it’s popularity increases.

  • According to metaverse trends, a massive technical corporation serves as the foundation of every successful NFT territory and world. 
  • Existing social-fi platforms strive to expand user base and increase relationships by integrating the virtual world into the physical realm.
  • However, the majority of them use virtual reality as a building block for passive revenue.
  • Multiple multi-metaverse are now being offered at very high prices, which makes novice investors feel uneasy.
  • Your Earth DAO wants to lead the way in implementing applications for industrial-grade goods in a parallel reality simulated metaverse.

In recent years, technology has been essential in helping businesses create and profit from innovative business models. The investment process and budgets are being closely examined as the role of technology changes. However, this new technology is now ready for evolution.

The massive technological movement toward the new concept of the “Metaverse” (super universe) has become the most pertinent topic of discussion on several forums and in the news. As they prepare for the coming of the new digital age, many large corporations spend enormous sums of money in developing their metaverse environment. With the goal of integrating the virtual and the real, metaverse is seen as the Internet’s new future.


The Your Earth DAO is a brand-new metaweb service built on top of the Accent blockchain. Your Earth DAO utilizes a “Steam” application management system called DAPPX together with its specialized Acent (Osiris) Web 3.0 browser. DAPPX is made to operate high-performance play-to-earn (P2E) apps, merge Web 3.0 and meta-web applications, and publish and create enterprises.

The Your Earth DAO’s foundation cryptocurrency, the Acent ($ACE), is a potent instrument for establishing new economies and employment, paying users, and generating shared material value on the network.

This is how Acent defines the “metaweb,” a new class of web services.

Key characteristics of YOUR EARTH DAO

  • has a blockchain that is publicly verifiable and enforces a DAO feature;
  • can render advanced graphics support capabilities, enabling immersive rendering and use of metasites and meta-applications;
  • has an MRL, a web 3.0 browser-based product, which is a distinctive metaweb domain;
  • can launch webpages with 3D objects;
  • supports captivating play-to-earn apps with dynamic, real-time activity data;
  • use the EDAO token to establish a solid system of governance and incentive sharing.


A brand-new web service called Your Earth DAO (YED) runs on the Acent mainnet’s foundation layer and aims to be the ideal example of an immersive gamified web. This life service platform makes use of the Web 3.0 browser desktop application interface technology from Acent (Osiris), and it has the ability to communicate with its DAPPX service to provide internal application publishing, launching, and administration services.

Consider the metaverse as the next edition of the internet—a cutting-edge digital environment. When the metaverse has fully developed, individuals will be able to interact, do business, and enjoy themselves in virtual settings. As major technology companies accept the concept and, in some instances, stake their whole company on it, new investment possibilities will be generated, notably in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).


Realistic graphics that are aided by high-definition 4D environment rendering and AR/VR technologies are what are referred to be immersive. In this study, it is also referred to as “gamification.”

The metaweb service from Acent is a fresh, decentralized web fabric that is immersive and gamified. It would in fact be the most similar to the underpinning socio-infrastructure of Ready Player One. The 2D, rectangular Web 2.0 browser experience as shown on the user interface will be improved by it. The visual experience would be more gamified thanks to this decentralized gamified web.


• Sell a land location at any NFT marketplace and make money (long-term investment);

Make a pledge of $ACE to get an APR of 13% in the first year, 8% in the second year, and so on;

Receive an incentive in the form of an equal EDAO token for each $ACE value of the land;

pledge one EDAO token in exchange for $ACE from the UBI pool and up to six years of Metaweb Incubation Fund rewards;

mine meta-resources from other Pylons, such as digital electricity from Zero-point Energy Pylon (ZEP) NFT;

Trade EDAO and meta-resources on Acent DEX, including digital power from ZEP;

Rights of government;

Rent out the property when traffic increases; and

There is a lot more.

Read the Acent Whitepaper 2.0 for additional information about the advantages and privileges of being a member of the metaweb.

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Ready Player One is a Sci-Fi novel that has been made into a movie. The book and the movie are both taking off, with new readers and viewers discovering the story for the first time. Reference: is ready player one possible.

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