Ready Player DAO Partners Up with Aavegotchi

Ready Player One is an upcoming book by Ernest Cline, who also wrote the cult-classic novel Dork Diary. It’s set in a dystopian future on Earth where people live in virtual reality and gain their identity from what they own and interact with online .

Ready Player One is an American science fiction adventure film based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Cline. This movie has a lot of hype, and it was released on March 29th, 2018. Aavegotchi is a smart contract platform that allows users to create their own digital assets. The two companies have partnered up in order to help each other reach more customers.

Pixelcraft Studios, the developers of the crypto collectable game Aavegotchi, has announced a cooperation with Ready Player DAO.

Ready Player DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to harnessing and expanding the collective strengths of the play-to-earn gaming industry. The overarching goal is to create greater equality between community customers and studio creators.

They spent 50 ETH on Aavegotchis, wearables, REALMs, and a coveted partner parcel inside the Citaadel with this mission in mind. In addition, Ready Player DAO plans to send out a group of its students (from its ‘Ready Scholar School’) to go on adventures, make friends, and harvest the REALMS reward. On their partner parcel, the company will also build a distinct experience that will challenge gamers and reward them with unique yield carrying tokens.

The Gotchiverse is leading the way in the new era of pay-to-win gaming. Pixelcraft and Aavegotchi’s “strong tokenomics,” “unbelievable community,” and “top notch DAO” are among the reasons for the alliance, according to ChrisF of Ready Player DAO. Another enticing and driving aspect for the relationship, according to Ready Player DAO, is Aavegotchi and the Gotchiverse’s inclusion of DeFi into the creative world.

Through a variety of initiatives, Ready Player DAO commits to its mission of supporting players and driving the next generation of gaming. These activities vary from the creation of a ‘Ready Scholar School,’ which presently has 2,000 active gamers and students in blockchain gaming, to the deployment of various investment techniques in gaming economies via its ‘Ready Fund.’

Ready Player DOA has taken a multi-faceted approach to their investment in Aavegotchi, as the terms of the partnership suggest, indicating that such a partnership has the full intention of reaping long-term tangible benefits to the Gotchiverse and its users.

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