Raregotchi – Where 90s Virtual Pets Meet the Metaverse

Virtual pets are all the rage with millennials, who love to collect and trade these digital creatures. But virtual pet ownership has always been one step away from the real world: there’s no physicality or authenticity that a user can feel in their collection of pixels. With Raregotchi, we’re introducing both worlds together—and bringing crypto collectors at home into our new Metaverse game development platform!

The “tamagotchi” is a virtual pet that was released in the late 90s. The game became very popular and spawned a whole generation of copycats, most notably the Pokemon series. This article will explore how tamagotchi have been reborn in the Metaverse with Raregotchi.

Raregotchi is a distinctive NFT-centric environment that mixes collecting toys, breedable pets, NFT gameplay, and bright graffiti-influenced art. It was inspired by the popular virtual pets of the 1990s. Players may take advantage of a completely immersive online experience since one of these elements influences the others.

The assets will effectively act as the life sources of the ecosystem, and Raregotchi will be hosting the mint for its TOY SALE, OG to kick off its metaverse.


Raregotchi’s long-awaited TOY SALE, OG will be split into three minting stages; pre-mint, OG mint, and public mint. The pre-mint will kick things off on June 30th, with the public sale commencing on July 4th.

Alien Boy, School Kid, and Snow Cone, the three founding toys of the first generation of Raregotchi, each have their own distinctive and colorful artworks that depict a particular visual tale. Each OG TOY NFT costs 0.25 ETH to mint, and there are 1,000 of each kind and 3,000 overall. They come in one of three sizes, and each size affects how many OG PETS the toy can mint. This means that not all are created equal (either 3, 4, or 6). 

After creating a TOY NFT, owners may choose to either open the digital package and expose the hidden PETS or to keep it sealed and in its immaculate digital container.

The benefits of owning a TOY NFT include the opportunity to get a tangible vinyl TOY, access to a variety of Games for Raregotchi, command over the creation of original PETS, voting authority in the RareDAO, the ability to establish a Raregotchi lineage and PET clan, a free House mint, and many more. 

The larger Raregotchi Ecosystem with PETS NFTs 

In the vast metaverse of fun known as Raregotchi, users may acquire and flex both TOYS and PETS NFTs. The inhabitants and leading figures of the Raregotchi metaverse are PETS. If all TOY NFTs are opened, a maximum of 9,999 original pets may be released into the Rareverse, where they can then be given their own family name and lineage by using NFT information. 

Each PET is created with the highest level of creative quality and accuracy, and it comes in one of five rarity tiers: Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic, Shiny, and Legendary. It also has seven cosmetic and genetic features: Type, Body Colour, Background Colour, Head, Item, Eyes, and Mouth.

The CryptoMotors, Voxel Architects, and PixelChain blockchain-centric products were developed by NFT Studios, which also powers the Raregotchi ecosystem. These games include Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) elements, which may be used to earn prizes.


Games for Raregotchi

Players can use their TOYS and PETS to earn rewards across an array of Games for Raregotchi. There are currently two major Games for Raregotchi in development, with both offering players the chance to earn in-game tokens and access other benefits. 

The first is a resource-gathering game called “Raregotchi The Game,” which mixes aspects of the pet-raising genre and lets players accomplish missions, carry out active and passive activities to collect tokens, and enhance their NFT Houses. 

The second feature is a PvP mode where users compete with their PETS to win tokens and other incentives.

The project’s continuous tokenomics and DAO advancements will enable the creation of a sustainable economy around such games, ensuring that those who participate the most are rewarded for their efforts.


In wake of the TOY SALE, OG, OG PET minting through OG TOY ownership will take place, where owners will then be able to embark on different adventures to earn tokens and NFTs, as well as begin the PETS family lineage.

An in-game token and Raregotchi Houses, which TOY owners may claim for free, will debut in Q4 of 2022. Future choices will be decided in line with the consensus of the project’s DAO, RareDAO, and will further the functionality of the project’s games, Houses, and NFTs.


The goal of NFT Studios, which was established in 2020, is to create digital goods, tools, and technology that will help the metaverse and the NFT space evolve and flourish. The firm is behind a wide range of successful gaming projects, with over 70 team members working in domains including blockchain, game development, product design, 3D modeling, and a wide range of creative disciplines.

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The “tamagotchi pet” is a virtual pet that was released in 1995. The tamagotchi pet allows users to take care of the virtual pet by feeding, playing with, and cleaning up after it.

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