Quidd NFT Marketplace Raises $5 Million Through Token Launch

The Quidd platform is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs that supports the trading of items across games. Its new ICO seeks to raise $5 million and will be supported by an ERC-20 token, QUDD tokens.

The “nft marketplaces” is a new platform that allows users to trade NFTs, which are digital assets. The platform has raised $5 million through the token launch.

Animoca Brands, a blockchain pioneer, is making waves once again. This time, it has raised an astonishing $5 million via Quidd, its cutting-edge NFT marketplace.

Quidd accomplished this outstanding achievement by selling $QUIDD, its new governance token. There, a series of private pre-sales and an initial DEX offering were launched (IDO). The Binance Smart Chain Growth Fund, Genesis Block Fund, Kingsway, and other industry heavyweights were among those who participated in the sales. In addition, there are a number of significant angel investors.

The sale took place on Polkadot’s project incubator Polkastarter, and it started at The sale occurred on Polkadot project incubator Polkastarter, and sold for an initial price of $0.25. However, as of writing, $QUIDD is riding high at $3.34, a huge increase from the IDO. The token is now listed on BSC Dex, Pancakeswap, and is consequently tradeable for wrapped BNB. Plus, a number of Animoca-owned tokens, including $REVV, $TOWER, $LMT, $PROS, and $BONDLY..25. $QUIDD, on the other hand, is now trading at $3.34, up significantly from the IDO. The coin is currently listed on the BSC Dex and Pancakeswap exchanges, and may be traded for wrapped BNB. A variety of Animoca-owned tokens, including as $REVV, $TOWER, $LMT, $PROS, and $BONDLY, are also available.

Quidd is a new type of non-fungible trading platform that aims to shake things up in the non-fungible world. As a result, the platform follows a chain-agnostic mindset, enabling buyers and collectors to pick which network to mint their digital assets on, while the $QUIDD token itself facilitates governance by giving owners voting rights in the marketplace. Quidd has hundreds of officially licensed collectibles from the world’s most popular companies. Currently, the network has over 7 million members and hosts over 2 billion digital artworks.

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