Quantus Gallery to Bring NFTs to the London Masses

The Gallery is a space for contemporary art, opening in the West End of London. The company has taken blockchain to heart and plans on bringing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) functionality to their gallery. This will enable visitors to interact with works of art in unique ways that were previously impossible without getting into tech talk. They hope this will create an atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable interacting with digital art, but still maintain high standards when it comes to quality assurance so as not to diminish the experience for participants or artists..

The “nft gallery” is a new company that has been created by Quantus Group to bring NFTs to the London masses. The company will be launching in September 2018 and will offer a platform for users to trade and invest in NFTs.

Quantus Gallery, in London’s arty Shoreditch neighbourhood, is organizing its first-ever dedicated NFT show. A gathering spot for art enthusiasts to examine the greatest masterpieces while also learning about the inner workings of the NFT universe.

Quantus aspires to establish a fusion of two universes. The physical plane’s familiar brick and mortar surroundings with the often-intimidating locality of the non-fungible. Inside, visitors may look over fanciful digital artworks created by a variety of outstanding artists, allowing them to connect with the medium in a traditional setting.

Take a stroll around the Quantus Gallery. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the launch celebration. Sofas, workstations, and tables will be delivered soon!

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact me! pic.twitter.com/KlhIuCqIKj

March 4, 2022 — Sinead Michael (@SineadQuantus)

Furthermore, with the assumption that many attendees would be new to the NFT sector, Quantus will provide an instructional service. As a consequence, a team of professionals will be on hand to not only answer questions, but also to lead inquisitive participants through the many parts of the sector. As a result, price advice, NFT dips, and the methods of the crypto wallet are all covered.

Throughout the month, art critics and casual observers may visit the Quantus Gallery to see the gallery’s extensive collection of NFTs. The actual launch, however, will take place on March 23. So get your glad-rags ready for a night of high-brow, art-themed merriment.

Learn more about Quantus Gallery >> Here


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