Qantas to Launch Utility Laden Aeroplane-Themed NFTs

Qantas is partnering with the Ethex team to deliver ownership of their airplane-themed NFTs in a way designed specifically for gamers. The airline’s fleet consists of over 80 aircraft, and it will take some time before this project is fully realized.

The “airplane nft game” is a new NFT that will be available on the Qantas website. The NFTs are utility laden and come with a 3D-printed plane.

Qantas, Australia’s largest airline, is preparing to launch its first batch of aviation-themed NFTs. As a result, passengers will have the opportunity to own a piece of aviation history while also earning extra Qantas reward points.

In commemoration of the majestic flying planes that have adorned Qantas’ fleet during its historic 100-year existence, a set of provably unique, one-of-one aircraft-styled NFTs will come on the blockchain. Simultaneously, airplanes aficionados will have the opportunity to interact with a brand-new kind of collectible.

There will soon be a new method to purchase a piece of Qantas history:

March 20, 2022 — Qantas (@Qantas)

Quantas will also provide further value by enabling frequent flyer members to collect points via the program, which can subsequently be redeemed for Qantas perks like as flights, refreshments, products, and more. However, the airline then pledges that further exclusive NFT holder privileges would be available in the future.

To retain its environmental credentials, Qantas has vowed to commence its collection on a low-carbon, proof-of-stake blockchain, with any leftover emissions offset via a carbon buyback plan to maintain a carbon neutral position and eliminate any potential ecosystem problems.

Keep an eye on the Qantas social media accounts or sign up for the waitlist for further information.

Sign up for Qantas NFTs >> Here


Qantas is launching a new digital token called “opensea” that will be used to track the movements of the airline’s planes. The tokens are based on Ethereum and can be swapped for real life items like flights, hotel rooms, or even other cryptocurrencies.

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