Puma Flaunt ENS Domain to Mark Metaverse Arrival

The Puma Flaunt ENS Domaine is an ENS name registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Its purpose is to act as a placeholder for one of the first native tokens on Metaverse, and it shows that development has been progressing smoothly.

The “Puma Flaunt ENS Domain to Mark Metaverse Arrival” is a blog post that discusses the idea of using an ENS domain to mark the arrival of a new crypto. The blog post also has links to other resources for learning more about this topic.

Puma, the sportswear giant, has made its first foray into the Web3 world by obtaining an ENS domain. The brand signaled its interest in crypto by changing its Twitter handle to ‘Puma.eth,’ which ranks it as the 13th most-followed account with ‘.eth’ in its name, behind celebrities like Paris Hilton and Shaquille O’Neal.

The company’s fresh new wallet has seen 18 NFTs join its ranks as a consequence of their ENS domain purchase, all of which include feline themes. Gutter Cat #1110 (bought for 7.25 ETH), Cool Cat #32 (acquired for 14 ETH), and Lazy Lion #4609 are among the most prominent additions to the wallet (purchased for 2.5 ETH).

To further solidify the company’s obsession with all things NFT, it has also announced intentions to cooperate with Catblox on its first NFT collection, but the project’s specifics have yet to be divulged.

Puma’s foray into the metaverse differs from that of its closest competitors, Nike and Adidas, who both made explicit NFT-inspired moves into the space, with Nike acquiring virtual sneakers brand RTFKT to launch an NFT collection, and Adidas launching a collection in collaboration with the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Gmoney, and Punk Comics.  

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