Project Iceman – The NFT-Funded Film From Yes Theory

In a world where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred, Project Iceman takes an interesting look at what it means to be human. The film was funded by Yes Theory in NFTs that were sold on the blockchain platform Klaytn, with over 70% of backers already being rewarded for their investments.

Yes Theory, an American digital media company, is taking Web3 film to the next level by developing a film based on a Danish athlete’s effort to finish the world’s first long-distance triathlon in Antarctica. The video, suitably dubbed ‘Project Iceman,’ will follow protagonist Anders Hofman (a.k.a. The Iceman) as he completes a 3.9km ice water swim, a 180k cycle ride on a glacier, and a 42.2km marathon in a snow storm.

Yes Theory’s choice to only employ blockchain-based fundraising is based on the idea of preserving complete creative control over the production while simultaneously creating a community where members may become investors and digital owners of the film. According to reports, the producers turned down a $1.25 million funding offer from a prominent (but unknown) streaming service in keeping with their concept. 

‘The World’s Coldest Movie Tickets,’ ‘The Ice Squad,’ ‘The Owner’s Table,’ and ‘The Executive Producer’ are the four levels of rarities that will be available throughout the campaign.

‘The World’s Coldest Movie Tickets,’ which will cost $50 to obtain, will include a ticket to the film’s exclusive virtual premiere, three days of exclusive access to knowing the location of the physical red carpet premieres (with a 50% discount on tickets), voting for an additional city in which the film will be premiered, and more. Although a total of 10,000 tickets are available, only 5,000 will be accessible to mint as an NFT, with the remaining 5,000 being offered as standard tickets on ‘Seek Discomfort.’ 

The more exclusive ‘The Ice Squad’ NFTs will cost $1,500 to mint and will include pre-access to future Yes Theory and Project Iceman events and NFT launches, two VIP tickets to a premiere (where they will meet Hofman and the rest of the film’s team), access to the ‘Ice Squad’ Discord channel, a credit in the film, and more.  

The 25 ‘The Owner’s Table’ NFTs will each cost a whopping $1,5000 to mint, and will include a one-of-a-kind 10-second clip from the film, a’seat at the table’ in Yes Theory (where you essentially become a part of executive decisions), four VIP tickets to a red carpet premiere and after party, all other perks from ‘The Ice Squad,’ and more. 

The single ‘Executive Producer’ NFT, which, as its name implies, will enable its owner to become an executive producer of the film, is the pinnacle of the launch. The winner of the auction will own the one-minute climax of the film, will accompany Anders on the full day of a red carpet premiere, will receive 10 VIP tickets to any red carpet premiere, will attend a private screening with the team, and will receive all of the benefits of ‘The Owner’s Table’ NFT (and more). 

Only ‘The World’s Coldest Movie Ticket’ and ‘The Ice Squad’ assets are currently for sale, with ‘The Owner’s Table’ and ‘Executive Producer’ assets becoming available some time before the film’s July 2022 debut.

Watch the film’s trailer >> Here


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