Product Update: Ecosystem Fees Live

Every few weeks, we release new updates to our games and apps. Today’s update is about the Ecosystem fees for all of our NFTs on CryptoKitties!
introduction: Scammers are putting out fake websites that allow people to send money without signing up or sending you anything in return
We’ve been working hard around this issue and were able to prevent scammers from using these sites. Our team has also implemented a CAPTCHA feature when submitting an order at the end of your transaction that will make it harder for scammers
to use your personal information against you. If someone did try, they would be blocked by Captcha automatically

The “immutable x” is a product update that was released on the EOS blockchain. The update includes the introduction of new fees for transactions.


Custom fees will now be possible to be added to orders by marketplaces built on Immutable X. This will enable the creation of world-class NFT marketplace experiences on Immutable X. We want to incentivise the finest builders to provide the greatest methods to trade NFTs on our platform, from fantastic aggregate markets to specialized content-specific marketplaces to awesome in-game trading experiences.

Visit learn more, go to the documentation page.

Because each marketplace may impose its own fees, costs for the same listing may vary depending on the protocol. Because the costs on Marketplace A and Marketplace B are different, an item may be advertised for 1 ETH on Marketplace A and 1.01 ETH on Marketplace B. We think that markets should compete not only on price, but also on user experience in terms of discovery and trade.

We’re still working on integrating fees on the default Immutable X Marketplace, but we’re planning to charge 1% maker and 1% taker fees for now (in addition to the protocol fee when it is released). We may adjust them over time, but our objective is not to compete on price with other protocol markets – our goal is to provide liquidity, not to aggressively monetize it.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s a preview glimpse of what’s to come.

On Immutable X, we’ve now implemented two of the three fee pillars (royalties and marketplace fees). The team is now working on the protocol cost, which will be released shortly. The protocol fee is a crucial feature that will allow staking to be released, which will benefit all Immutable X supporters and IMX token holders significantly.

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