Pplpleasr Overhauls the Animation Industry with Shibuya Beta Launch

The Shibuya project is an open source animation studio powered by blockchain. It uses a decentralized digital token to incentivize interactions between its members, but it has yet to launch the beta version of their platform. The team behind this ambitious project hopes that they can revive and revolutionize the industry with blockchain-powered solutions like these.

The “Ppleasr Overhauls the Animation Industry with Shibuya Beta Launch” is a company that has launched their beta version of their platform. The company is aiming to create a new standard for animation and entertainment.

pplpleasr, a famous NFT artist, has debuted her captivating new project, Shibuya, after a full six months of creation. A huge step into the field of long-form blockchain animation.

pplpleasr’s program intends to develop and fund a large number of high-quality animated short films, movies, and TV series, each of which will get input and funding through the issuance of “producer pass” NFTs. This will enable viewers to share ownership of the material and participate in its creation.

The platform’s first beta version went online on March 2nd, named after the renowned Shibuya landmark in Tokyo. “White Rabbit,” the project’s first animated film, is assisting it in getting off the ground. A beautifully produced interactive study of the blockchain’s potential future.

I haven’t published anything new in a long, but after working on this since September, I’m delighted to announce that the beta of @shibuyaxyz is now available.

Visit understand more, go to https://t.co/udlGyPNL5R and read my first Medium piece (ever haha).

— March 1, 2022, pplpleasr (@pplpleasr1)

Each platform feature is entirely free to see; nevertheless, NFT ownership confers specific rights to the buyer. As a consequence, collectors will be able to vote on alternate tales, influence where the story goes, and have a stake in the overall content.

pplpleasr’s revolutionary method strives to free the sector from bloodsucking corporations while firmly placing power in the hands of its people.

Check out the first episode >> Here


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