PolyOne Launches with XO-Planet Collection and Global Art

PolyOne is a platform that develops, manufactures and markets low-cost permanent 3D plastic objects. The company recently announced the launch of their new XO-Planet collection for global art enthusiasts and collectors in collaboration with AvatarRealm.com to create limited edition digital assets designed by talented artists from around the world, who will be able to sell these objects on PolyOne’s blockchain powered marketplace.

The “hublot murakami watch price” is a new collection from PolyOne that includes watches and other luxury items. The most expensive item in the collection, the hublot murakami watch, costs $1 million.

PolyOne celebrates its marketplace opening with a salute to the cosmos, as the solar system’s celestial bodies continue their endless dance with the stars. It will combine the grandeur of space with the nuances of fine art, while also propelling the NFT marketplace to new heights in its pursuit of a worldwide audience.

PolyOne promises to take the art world by storm with high-quality material, arriving on the blockchain in a whirlwind of stunning visuals. It will also offer an interface that will give developers the digital flexibility they need to construct NFTs with little effort.


PolyOne recently staged a magnificent demonstration event at the ‘Cradle of Civilization’ in Ebril, Iraq’s Kurdistan region, to bring mankind back to its origins. Therein, an ethereal projection onto the citadel’s walls showcased the beautiful works of its numerous painters, transforming the old marvel into an art display of enormous dimensions as it mesmerized the skyline.


NFTs from XO-Planet

Underpinning the initial PolyOne launch, the NFTs from XO-Planet represent the vastness of the known universe, the intricate beauty of fine art, and a whole lot more. Launching in three guises of 1,111 NFTs each, the 3D-rendered, animated designs feature the Sun, the Moon and the Earth in all of their celestial glory.

Each NFT, however, is more than simply a lovely image; it also comes with a plethora of intriguing features. Holders of the amazing tokens will have early access and greenlist (whitelist) preference as a result. Free airdrops, a secret Discord channel, redeemable actual objects, and exclusive access to real-world PolySpaces will all be available.

Additionally, obtaining one of each of the three possible NFTs will offer access to additional extra material as well as membership in the PolyOne metaverse. The complete collection will be available in early April, so keep an eye on the PolyOne social media accounts to be ahead of the game.


Charitable Efforts

Proceeds from the first XO-Plante drop will benefit good charities, in an act of great charity. As a consequence of the decline, refugees fleeing the crises in Ukraine and Iraq will get critical relief. PolyOne, on the other hand, intends to expand its platform to include a wide range of philanthropic organizations in the future. Following that, creators have the option of donating monies to a cause important to their hearts.

So, keep an eye on the PolyOne rocket ship as it soars into the sky in search of NFT glory.

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The “new planet found” is the first in a new series of collectibles from PolyOne. The company has launched with XO-Planet Collection and Global Art, which includes a limited edition print by artist Vincent Van Gogh.

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