Polygon Pledges $20 Million to Fund its Carbon Negative Initiative

Polygon is launching a $20 million initiative to fund green projects in the world over, with blockchain playing a major role. The new project will also be funded by other leading companies like Niantic and Riot Games.

The “polygon energy consumption per transaction” is a pledge from Polygon to fund its Carbon Negative Initiative. This initiative will help offset the company’s carbon emissions and make the world a better place.

Polygon, a layer 2 sensation, will take a proactive stand in the topic, since many governments stall their steps when it comes to environmental stability. As a consequence, it has set aside a massive $20 million war fund to secure carbon neutrality on its platform.

The “Green Manifesto: A Smart Contract with Planet Earth” was just released by Polygon. It’s a commendable effort to be responsible for the energy consumed on its blockchain. Decentralized climate activists KlimaDAO will assist them along the road by doing an in-depth study to evaluate the environmental effect of each and every transaction on the network. They will then deliver true, on-chain solutions to the issue, in collaboration with Offsetra.


The Green Manifesto is being revealed — it’s a smart contract with Planet Earth! https://t.co/p9DFtUG9XP pic.twitter.com/Xgn8jubffa [1/2] pic.twitter.com/Xgn8jubffa

April 12, 2022 — Polygon (@0xPolygon)

Polygon has also commissioned a second assessment of its emissions in order to guarantee the accuracy of its data. As a consequence, the Crypto Carbon Rating Institute will undertake its own investigation and report back to Polygon with its findings. As a result, people who use the platform will have more peace of mind.

Polygon has acquired $400k in carbon credits as part of the endeavor to offset its own emissions. However, it will utilize its $20 million in the future to support ecologically friendly practices inside WEB3. As a result, guaranteeing that every project constructed on the network is environmentally friendly.


Polygon is a gaming website that has pledged $20 million to fund its Carbon Negative Initiative. The initiative will help the company become more eco-friendly by reducing their carbon footprint. Reference: is polygon eco friendly.

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