Poker Dogs Club Brings Card Playing NFT Canines to the Metaverse

In the Metaverse, virtual worlds are constructed and run as decentralized applications. A blockchain-based application called Poker Dogs Club has recently been released, bringing together digital canines in a card game that is played on Ethereum’s network. These poker dogs have their own NFT (non-fungible token) with unique attributes such as colors, sizes and health levels which allows them to be traded between players.

The “poker dogs club brings card playing NFT canines to the metaverse” is a blog post that discusses the new game in which players will be able to play with their own digital pet. The game is called Dogz. It is an online multiplayer card battle game where you take care of your virtual dog and train it to fight other players’ pets.

Every now and again, a perfect activity enters the public realm and stays unmodified for hundreds of years. Poker is one such profitable activity that has lasted the test of time. For the last two centuries, an epic game of skill, intelligence, and cunning has separated the wolves from the chihuahuas.

Then, 65 years later, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, an extraordinary artist, produced the ultimate masterpiece “Dogs Playing Poker.” A captivating piece of art that combines our interest with anthropomorphism with the high stakes of the card table. The only time in history that the game of poker has ever been enhanced is to present day. Until now, that is.

In March, Poker Dogs Club will adapt both of these fantastic ideas for the blockchain era, bringing the card-playing dogs to life via the magic of NFTs and allowing a new level of high stakes poker gaming in the metaverse. The initiative is expected to bring a slew of play-to-earn benefits to the non-fungible sector, as well as the virtual world and beyond.

Poker Dogs Club, founded by poker superstar and five-time World Series of Poker winner Scotty Nguyen, aims to usher in a new breed of player in which the card table exists in the metaverse and the players exist on the blockchain. Participants are transported to a fantastic virtual world of poker, where the only thing that counts is a game of skill performed by a new breed of virtual hounds.

The ecosystem is already under development, with the first Poker Dogs Club launching on the blockchain. It’s now time to prepare for their second drop.

NFTs from the Poker Dogs Club

Poker Dogs Club are available in a variety of sizes and forms, representing various breeds, attire, emotions, headgear, and more. In reality, the genesis drop has approximately 125 distinct attributes that were produced by an algorithm. All of the artwork was created by a top-tier NFT artist exclusively for use in metaverse poker games.

The second drop of the initial 7,777 gentleman dogs will hit the blockchain in March, followed by another 7,777 woman dogs at a later date. Owners of both a gentleman and a woman dog will be able to breed the two and make Poker Dog Puppies after the dust has cleared.

Each of these fantastic non-fungible hounds will be an entrance into the play-to-earn game, in which owners and delegates compete for prizes at the poker table.

Poker Dogs Club NFT Metaverse Decentraland


The Poker Dogs Club operates on a simple principle: owners are given a daily quota of non-transferable poker chips to use at the poker table to show off their skills. The best players will earn utility tokens and Poker Experience Points as a result of their victories, which will be shown on a scoreboard.

Poker Chips — Poker chips are non-transferable and used as the stake at the card table. They arrive daily and are reset every 24 hours.

Utility Token — The Poker Dogs utility token will be used in a variety of ways throughout the platform. It is the most common prize token obtained while winning poker tournaments, and it is an ERC-20 token. It may be used to buy NFTs, stake for extra rewards, permit breeding, and trade on an exchange.

PXP (Poker Experience Points) – These fantastic goodies, which may be obtained as tournament prizes, will boost NFTs, enhance breeding success, and increase the value of collectibles.

Poker Dogs Club NFT Metaverse Decentraland

Delegation and Breeding

Members of the private Poker Dogs Club group will be able to create a fresh new small dog by combining a man and a woman dog with a dash of utility token around the end of 2022. Each one-of-a-kind creation will provide a Poker Dogs Puppy, a new asset class that allows owners to participate while getting a lower percentage of the prizes than genesis NFTs.

Those who do not have an aptitude for poker or simply do not have the time to perform the task might assign someone to play on their behalf once the system is up and running. As a consequence, the delegated member will get 60% of the utility token gained, while the genuine owner will receive the remaining 40% in passive revenue while also earning all PXP.

The Outstanding Group

Poker Dogs Club is the creation of a wonderful collection of international-minded people from all around the world. With artists, coders, social media gurus, metaverse designers, and digital fashion designers all in the mix, each participant plays a significant role in the project’s progress.

So be ready for a new form of mass “adoption” and enter the metaverse’s biggest poker tournament.

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