Play & Kollect is coming!

The next big thing in the entertainment industry is around the corner, and it’s called digital collectibles. CryptoKitties has just been released to the masses, spawning a craze of collecting unique digital assets with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs function as a first step towards an entire ecosystem of multiplayer games built on blockchain technology.

The “Google Play” is a new game coming to Google Play. The game will be free-to-play and feature collectible cards.

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The first phase has begun!

The crazy cyberbrain scientists have been working tirelessly in the lab on the upcoming Play & Kollect experience and just like all of you, can’t wait to explore the jungle together in search of all the treasures!

This new addition to the CyberKongz ecosystem is made up of a lot of various parts that must be placed exactly correctly to enable a successful launch.

We will be staging the launch of Play & Kollect in two phases:

Phase 1 will begin at 00:00 UTC on March 1st, with a token transfer from $BANANA V1 to $BANANA V2.

The existing $BANANA V1 yield contract will be removed from the Genesis CyberKongz in 48 hours and replaced with the new Yield Hub.

Within the 48-hour timeframe, please collect any pending $BANANA from Genesis CyberKongz and any other smart contract. The closer the claiming window gets to the finish, the better. In our Discord server, we’ll remind you a couple more times.

The token exchange will occur immediately after the conclusion of $BANANA V1 and will be conducted via our website. When the time is up, I’ll go into further detail about it.

An approval transaction is required, followed by a transaction that performs the actual swap from $BANANA V1 to V2. To remove any attack vectors, we must make the switch in this way.

The claiming window concludes in 48 hours, at 00:00 UTC on March 1st.

Phase 2 will be the actual launch of Play & Kollect on the first anniversary of CyberKongz, March 3rd! To start adventures, you will need to bridge the CyberKongz VX from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon via our Bridge. The process of bridging from ETH to MATIC is pretty straightforward. For a more detailed how-to on bridging, check back with our updated Gitbook.

To save time and money, you may bridge many VX at the same time. Separate bridges are required for $BANANA V2 and Shardz.

You may begin playing after all assets have been securely linked to Polygon. Our Gitbook has more thorough instructions and information.

Please keep in mind that Shardz can only be bridged from Ethereum to Polygon, not the other way around. Charmz are found on Polygon and cannot be transferred to the Ethereum mainnet.

Update Log: We are grateful to the community for all the feedback given since the announcement of Play & Kollect. Accordingly, we have implemented some changes to Charmz and how they work.

First and foremost, based to the results of the community vote on February 13th, Lucky Charms will be renamed Charmz.

The next alteration has an impact on how mechanics operate. Regardless of the amount of completed adventure runs, Charmz no longer break after five days. Instead, Charmz’s health points are now depleted with each adventure run. The Charmz will break if the health points decrease to zero.

Fuel Rod runs cost more health points than $BANANA runs, therefore one Charm may be used for 20 to 50 runs. A Charm may last for 20 Fuel Rod runs, 50 $BANANA runs, or anything in between, depending on the way the runs were completed.

Finally, the probability of obtaining double the Kongium or EXP on an adventure run has been doubled for all Charmz ranks.

Season length: A season’s duration was increased from ten days to ten days and eight hours to allow for the usage of Fuel Rods on day ten and to rotate the season’s finale across various time zones throughout the globe.


We’re looking forward to the future and will keep you all informed about the next stages when the time comes!



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