Phillip Plein Launches First Metaverse Native Fashion Line

The fashion world has been turned upside down as Phillip Plein releases his very first Fashion NFT. The new line, which will be known as the “Metaverse collection,” is a virtual protocol that empowers designers to create and monetize their own collectibles on the Metaverse blockchain platform.

Phillip Plein, a crypto supporter and renowned fashion designer, has added a dash of his signature style to the metaverse. The trio has developed the first metaverse local fashion collection in Decentraland, collaborating with auction house Portion and 3D visual artist Antoni Tudisco.

Phillip Plein is looking to broaden his digital horizons after acquiring $1.4 million in virtual real estate. Plein Sport, a Decentraland-based fashion company, is being launched this time. For the fashion-conscious metaverse dweller, there’s a great selection of digital footwear.

Iconic designer @philipp plein honors Milan Fashion Week by presenting the first-ever fashion collection originating entirely in the #Metaverse, in conjunction with @portionapp and visual artist @antonitudisco.

More on the collaboration and the release!

February 24, 2022 — Portion (@PortionApp)

A real object is matched with its NFT equivalent in each pair of Plein Sport shoes. Owners will be able to “burn” the NFT component in exchange for a pair of metaverse-compatible wearables in the future, enabling collectors to flaunt their wares at Decentraland’s many exclusive places.

The first luxury fashion goods have already been placed on the blockchain. Additional collections, on the other hand, will be arriving soon. Meanwhile, the Plein empire will continue to expand its Decentraland presence, which will be focused on the grandiose, fashion-oriented Plein Plaza. So, on March 3 and 4, come to Decentraland for the great reveal and guided tour.

Learn more about Plein Sport >> Here

Head to Plein Plaza >> Here


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