Petro National – The NFT Collection from Art Blocks and John Gerrard

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that can be exchanged, traded or collected. They come in the form of Cryptokitties and CryptoPuppies on Ethereum’s blockchain but Petro National is providing a real world collectable too! These unique pieces have been hand painted by John Gerrard and will soon be added to the Art Blocks collection.

Petro National is a digital art collection from Art Blocks and John Gerrard, who originally launched their project with two contemporary pieces of artwork. The platform provides the opportunity to buy several original works by artists on an NFT basis – through tokens created in the Petro blockchain. This can be done without any interference received from third parties.

Petro National is a NFT collection from Art Blocks and John Gerrard. It includes the following assets: “nfts art“, “nft-art”, “nft-artwork”. The nfts are digital collectibles that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Pace Verso, Pace Gallery’s digital art department, has teamed up with art platform Art Blocks to produce a new series of generative NFTs in an attempt to combine true contemporary art with digital art expertise. The collaboration’s first collection, ‘Petro National,’ is helmed by digital artist John Gerrard and has designs from both Pace and ‘crypto-native’ artists.

Each of the 196 NFT artworks in Petro National employs a rainbow-hued gasoline spill in a body of water to portray the contour of a nation, in keeping with Gerrard’s climate-conscious beliefs.

The 196 assets will be auctioned off in a descending order on Art Blocks on June 21st at 10 a.m. EDT, with 25% of the earnings going to Climeworks, a CO2-fighting organization, as well as other funds that promote regenerative agricultural organizations.

The pieces will also be on exhibit at Pace’s 540 West 25th Street gallery during the NFT.NYC event, which runs from June 21st to June 23rd. They’ll be on exhibit a week later, on June 28th, during the opening of Gerrard’s solo show at Pace’s 510 West 25th Street location. 

Gerrard had the following to say about the project:

“Learning about Art Blocks helped me realize that the NFT is much more than a media file—a it’s sophisticated, data-driven, on-chain environment that meshes with my previous work in game engines.” Making WebGL pieces in this environment greatly improves my art’s display and distribution opportunities. The work may be seen from any cultural perspective throughout the globe, and it makes use of this revolutionary new platform to pose issues about current energy, social, and political situations and disparities.” 


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