Papa Johns Deliver Free NFT Hot Bag Giveaway

Papa Johns on Thursday offered a chance to get FREE NFTs, the official crypto of Papa John’s Pizza. The promotion is being executed by an offchain process which will only run once at that time and allows participants to win packages for free digital Papa John’s pizza each day for 7 days. Participants can also increase their odds of winning with the purchase of $10 worth of PapaJohns digital tokens from any site or app where they are available in-store.

The “pizza punks nft” is a crypto that was created by Papa Johns. It is a NFT that can be redeemed for free pizza from the Papa John’s app.

Papa John’s, a global pizza company, is dipping its toes into the metaverse by giving out free NFTs to its consumers. The ‘NFT Hot Bag Giveaway,’ as it’s known, will have three different hot bag designs for buyers to feast their virtual paws on.

The ‘Papa 1984,’ the ‘Papa Cheese Melt,’ and the ‘Papa Tag,’ with the former taking design cues from the modern trend of isolated streetwear and heat-preserving pizza hot bag technology, and the latter two from hip-hop street art when graffiti became popular around the same time the company opened its doors in 1984. 


Each design will come in three versions, giving contest winners a total of nine options to pick from. Although the collection’s capacity has not been published, Papa John’s has encouraged participants to collect their NFT Hot Bag as soon as possible, implying a situation of relative scarcity.

A tangible Papa 1984 hot bag will also be given away to a fortunate NFT Hot Bag owner, with the winner of the raffle being revealed on April 14th. Those who miss out on the prize may still get a Papa 1984 hot bag, as well as a Papa Cheese Melt or Papa Tag hot bag, via an exclusive Depop drop starting on March 7th.

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Papa John’s is giving away a free “menu papa john’s” NFT. The giveaway starts on the 3rd of March, and ends on the 10th of March.

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