Own and Govern a Brewery Via NFTs

The brewery industry is booming, and the advent of blockchain technology has made it possible for many people to build their own breweries from home. Craft beer enthusiasts are now able to invest in their favorite product through an NFT that represents ownership shares or partial stakes. This concept could work for other industries as well.

The “beer for life nft” is a NFT that allows the owner to own and govern a brewery. The beer will be brewed on demand, but it won’t be sold until after the owner dies.

Imaginative thinking MetaBrewSociety (MBS), located in Munich, plans to use NFTs to give its DAO members voting rights on choices made in a real brewery. MBS was founded in February of this year by a group of NFT and beer aficionados with the goal of combining the marvels of beer, the metaverse, DAOs, and NFTs to create experiences and ownership routes that are useful in both the physical and digital domains. 

Voting rights will be distributed in the form of ‘beer share certificate’ NFTs, each of which will enable varied degrees of control across choices made in a real brewery in Munich, as well as those made in future metaverse Land plots (with The Sandbox rumoured to be a potential location). Brewing techniques, price (for NFT holders and non-holders), and distribution strategy will all be considered. 

A total of 6,000 NFTs will be distributed in two parts, the first of which will be handed to whitelisted members at a date and price to be determined. MBS will finalize the acquisition of an existing brewery after 75 percent of the NFTs have been issued, allowing it to alter its name to ‘MetaBrewery’ and become a DAO comprised of NFT holders.

The proceeds from the NFT mint will go toward the acquisition and development of the brewery, the staging of NFT-holder festivals and events, and the provision of at least 100 free beer cans per year to each NFT holder. Holders will most likely get beer allowance through separate NFTs, allowing them to sell their beer if they don’t intend to consume it. 

In terms of MBS’s metaverse presence, it will attempt to exploit the burgeoning virtual environment in order to boost its visibility, as well as use it as an online store for future beer varieties.

The initiative is also not ruling out the possibility of buying a second brewery, which would be made possible by the deployment of additional NFTs.


The “beer club nft” is a NFT that allows users to own and govern a brewery via the blockchain. The beer club can be accessed by anyone who has access to the public ledger.

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