Outer Ring: A Player-Driven Deep Space MMO Adventure

Outer Ring is an ambitious space adventure game with a focus on deep gameplay and rich lore. It aims to be the first player-driven MMO experience in VR, making it unlike anything you’ve ever played before. Experience infinite possibilities as you make your way through the universe by choosing one of ten diverse races and walking away from any story that doesn’t appeal to you anymore!

The “outer ring: a player-driven deep space MMO adventure” is an online game that has been in development for over 2 years. The game is set to release on May 24th, 2018.

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These are turbulent times. After the Inner Ring was destroyed by unending battles, mankind saw the Outer Ring as their only chance of survival.

Unfortunately, the conflict and devastation continue, with the Outer Ring Civil War starting very soon after the First Wave of Immigration. Now, several years into the fight, strong groups vie for control over the future of the Outer Ring, each with their own objectives and aspirations. The parasitic Interplanetary Sovereign League (ISL), the technologically sophisticated Rebirth Coalition, and the tech-wary Bastion of Traditions Alliance (BoTA) continue to battle for their objectives with contrasting beliefs and competing manifestos. Meanwhile, the Multi-Planetary Pacification Coalition, based in the Great Silver City, uses diplomacy to restore peace, justice, and order.

Outer Ring is an immersive MMORPG driven by blockchain technology and the play-to-earn paradigm, set in a science fiction and fantasy environment. The game is based on the Outer Ring Saga, a book by the same name. It follows a fascinating tale in which five strong species from opposing groups (Earthlings, Mechs, Va’ans, Oracles, and Scavengons) battle for control of civilization in the Indabi Nebula.

Outer Ring is a player-driven metaverse game that is open and evolving. Participants’ choices and activities will have a significant impact on the game’s future and economy. Outer Ring aims for a large and diversified target audience by combining nostalgic old school systems with the profitable prospects of blockchain. Extensive stories (lore), skill-based action, and sociability, which includes real-time player connection and the opportunity to establish clans and teams, as well as special events, eSports competitions, and concerts, are the three primary pillars of the game.

Players will be able to pick from the aforementioned races and groups to battle for control of the planets and their resources in the Outer Ring in order to play the game. Each side has its own set of benefits and disadvantages.

While the game is free to play, donations to the Outer Ring’s economy will give various advantages to members. Characters and gameplay will be upgraded through the in-game marketplace with booster packs, loot boxes, and numerous sorts of weaponry, armor, ships, and vehicles. Armor, weapons, and other things will come in a variety of rarities and tiers, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses that will impact their powers and functions in combat.

Players will be able to gather DNA from other ‘living things’ using the DNA Gun, which may be used to develop characters, create pets, and boost bestiary knowledge.

Characters that die in combat, arena fights, or dungeons, for example, will need to use resurrection pods to re-enter the game.


Players will be able to engage in a variety of PVE and PVP game modes, such as exploring areas and planets via spaceships, fighting other players in ground combat and arenas, exploring dungeons, and completing and participating in special daily challenges, as well as tournaments, guild/clan battles, minigames, seasons, and other events.

Gamers will be able to harvest resources by exploring planets, which they may sell on the black market or use to create assets like as cars, ships, and weapons using the raw materials and in-game tokens.

Players with a political bent will be able to govern areas of the Outer Ring world by bargaining with NPCs via a card-based gaming scenario.

Gamers will also be able to change the paradigm in specific player-controlled zones, activating particular limits and rewards or altering gaming modes.

In Outer Ring, all in-game assets are NFTs. Premium cosmetic goods, weapons, armor, pets, spacecraft used to travel to other worlds, vehicles utilized in PVP ground conflicts, as well as residences and stores, are all included. On the blockchain, these assets are traded and have proved ownership.


Using the abundant resources and raw materials accessible on the different planets and traded on DEXs around the Outer Ring universe, players will be able to create extra cash in the game by making products like as ships, vehicles, weapons, armor, and even cometic assets. Participants may produce assets and sell them in the marketplace or in player-run stores using a mix of raw materials and in-game tokens. The materials and tokens used to determine which tier these goods will belong to will determine which of the five tiers they will fall into. Higher tier assets will be more valued by default.


The game’s development will be broken down into phases, with each phase bringing intriguing new features.

Participants will be able to buy cosmetic items, upgrades, loot boxes, weapons, armor, and other goods via the in-game marketplace, as well as sell, auction, and trade handmade objects and assets obtained through gameplay.

Outer Ring will also include Resources DEXs on several planets and outposts, as well as NPC and player-run businesses like as pubs, gaming rooms, food stores, revival capsules, and weapon stores, among other things.

Concerts, eSports competitions, and other special events will be held in the same spirit as Fortnite. These events will be available in virtual reality, but they will also be available without VR glasses. These features and events will improve the overall experience while also enhancing the game’s social components. Players will also be able to engage in arcade-style minigames.

With third-party blockchain and real-world enterprises, Outer Ring also provides ad space and merchandising/brand partnership options.

The dynamic in-game economy of Outer Ring will be driven by a two-token system, with $EXO serving as an in-game token and $GQ serving as both an in-game and governance token.

The principal in-game currency is Exocredits ($EXO), which will be utilized for the bulk of in-game activities and transactions, such as the in-game marketplace and stores. $EXO will be gained via missions, quests, fights, and other activities and will be used to make goods and buy loot boxes, weapons, ships, cosmetic items, and so on. To control and maintain a healthy supply, $EXO will include buyback and burn functionalities.

Galactic Quadrants ($GQ) is a token that serves as both a governance and an in-game currency. $GQ holders will be able to vote on the Outer Ring governance structure and future game development choices.

$GQ will be used to build Clans, engage in in-game politics, shift paradigms in player-controlled regions, perform DNA fusion to make pets, and construct Tier 5 in-game items in the game. Betting on events, unlocking extra arcade gaming, raising the levels of homes, stores, and ships, and accessing exclusive/premium products and content are all examples of additional use-cases.

$GQ may be obtained via selling resources on the black market, performing daily missions, and receiving seasonal prizes.

Let’s look at the features of the Outer Ring IGO and how SFUND token holders may purchase $GQ tokens on the Seedify Launchpad before they become public.

  • $GQ is the name of the company.
  • BSC is a kind of token.
  • Mcap: $1.170K at the start
  • Listing price: $0,005.005 is the price of the listing.


  • Date of IGO: March 2nd
  • $350K has been allocated (including 5 percent success fee)
  • Price on IGO: IGO Price: $0.0040.0040
  • Listing price: $0.005.005 is the price of a listing.
  • Ten percent TGE, a ten-month linear vest

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