Otherside to Host Two Load Tests Before ‘First Trip’ Launch

Otherside is hosting two load tests before the launch of their newly acquired platform ‘First Trip’. They are a blockchain-powered travel agency that uses multiple decentralized ledgers to ensure greater transparency and data security. Their new site will allow users to book travel packages for different destinations, along with user reviews and prices from other travelers online.

The metaverse game Otherside, which is based on the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT IP, has now disclosed that it would be starting two “load tests” in the run-up to the premiere of its “First Trip” tech demo. 

According to their release, the load tests will be undertaken on July 6 and July 9 in order to determine where the project’s current breaking point is. From this point, an ideal user experience may be produced prior to the tech demo launch of “First Trip” on July 16. 

Users of desktop and laptop computers in North America and Europe who own at least one Otherdeed NFT will be the only ones eligible to access the two load tests as well as the First Trip tech demo itself. The two tests will start with 3,000 participants each, adding 1,000 participants gradually every 2-3 minutes.

Voyagers (otherdeed holders) who live in non-supported locations will be able to watch a private livestream as recompense for the absence of worldwide participation in the load testing and tech demo. All of the advantages associated with the First Trip tech demo will be available to viewers of such livestreams. 

The First Trip tech demo will be started by the project’s primary creators, Improbable, and will be “a celebration of what’s to come and an occasion for Voyagers to congregate, explore, and plan,” according to its description on the Obelisk page of the project.


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