Origin Launches on Android Devices

Origin is a new game that uses blockchain technology to create digital assets and make them tradable in-game. The project was created by the team behind Spells of Genesis, one of the first successful games on blockchain. This week Origin officially launched on Android devices with full support for gamers who don’t have a device compatible with iOS or Google Play Store yet.

Origin is a digital distribution platform that allows players to buy video games, movies and TV shows. Origin has recently launched on Android devices. The “origin download” will allow users to download the app from the Google Play Store.

Although Axie Infinity’s highly anticipated ‘Origin’ is still in its ‘Early Access’ testing phase, the project has just been released for Android mobile devices, bringing it one step closer to a complete worldwide release. With the game’s historic debut came a slew of upgrades, enhancements, improvements, and bug patches.

Upgrades to 16 aspects of the player interface, Bloodmoon now commencing during round 15, concurrently active status and rune effects, and the inclusion of a ‘Full HD Graphic’ option in the Settings page are among the new modifications forced on the unfinished mobile game. 

There have also been a few enhancements and bug fixes, such as reduced loudness of the sound that marks the start of a match and the ability to cancel Scry, a problem that enabled players to peek at their next drawn cards without expending energy.  

More expansive roll outs, additional features, and updates will be incrementally observed as Sky Mavis continues to prepare the game for its full capacity launch, which will include token rewards, crafting NFT runes/charms, and the first Origin leaderboard season with AXS prizes, where ultimately, the feedback it receives from these implementations and ideas will dictate the timing of the full global launch.

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