Origin (Battles v3)- The New Ecosystem Coming to Axie Infinity

The world of gaming is filled with the promise of new and innovative experiences. With a debut on Aug 3rd, Origin (Battles v3) was developed for players who want to take their gameplay to the next level by creating their own maps or other in-game content using Axie Infinity’s blockchain powered tools.

The “axie infinity download” is a game that will be released soon. The game has an interesting concept and the developers have been working hard to make sure everything is perfect for the release.

Origin (Battles v3), a new environment for Axie Infinity’s blockchain powerhouse game, will debut before the end of Q1 2022. The expansion will have completely new interfaces, game mechanics, graphics, special effects, stories, and Onboarding experiences, all of which have been developed from the bottom up to offer a more accessible experience for mainstream and new audiences, based on feedback from Battles v2.

Plan of Action

Origin will be accessible to a worldwide audience through Mavis Hub and Android APK after an initial Alpha launch. Sky Mavis will be collecting input from players throughout the launch period in order to improve the game. Trainer progress and resources collected will be reset when the complete game is released, therefore there will be no SLP or AXS prizes in the Alpha version.

Following the Alpha Phase, Season 0 will be released, allowing developers to make further fundamental game modifications based on player input. SLP earned through Battles v2 may be moved into Origin (therefore closing down Battles v2) in Season 0, depending on feedback, but if not, it will be done at a later date.

Mechanics of the Game Have Changed

‘Sequential Turns,’ where Axies will now execute their attacks as soon as cards are played, while rival trainers will take sequential turns utilizing their cards rather than picking them all at once at the start of rounds, is a crucial update to the game’s rules (as in Battles v2). This means that trainers are always in motion, whether it’s laying cards or watching their opponent’s actions, resulting in a faster-paced and more exciting play experience.

Other changes in Origin include the elimination of unused Energy and Cards being accumulated across turns (reducing the incentive for players to skip turns), changes to the organization of Card attack and defense values (as well as newly described abilities for some cards), and the addition of ‘Eyes’ and ‘Ears’ leveraging (allowing Trainers to use all six of Axie’s skills).

‘Runes & Charms’ will also be incrementally added to Origin, which are new ‘power-ups’ equipped by Axie’s to provide their inherent abilities with various buffs. They will come in non-NFT forms which can be crafted in-game through ‘Moonshards,’ as well as more powerful NFT-based forms, which, because of the necessity for SLP and Moonshards in order for them to be crafted, will act as one of the initial SLP burning mechanisms incorporated into Origin.

Random critical hits have been eliminated from Battles v2 due to player dissatisfaction with the game’s critical hit dynamics, and they’ve been replaced with new, above-card play mechanisms like ‘anger,’ which Axies acquire over the course of a fight. Trainers may then decide when to vent their pent-up ‘anger’ on their opponent.

Axie metrics have been streamlined to concentrate around ‘hit points,’ as part of Origin’s goal on shifting towards a rapid, turn-based game design (HP).


Three free Starter Axies (such as the one you’ve previously met, ‘Buba’) will be available to play with. For the time being, such Axies are neither NFTs nor can they be used to earn SLP. As players advance through the PvE Adventure Modes, they will get access to additional Starter Axies, which they may subsequently employ in PvP situations.

To make the Origin ecosystem easier for everyone, features will be enabled as players go through the game. Players will also have access to a library of tutorials that will teach various aspects of the game and may be accessed at any time.

Because the finishing touches and modifications are still being made, not all of the above information will be finalized.

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The “axie origin free-to play” is a new game coming to the world of crypto. It’s called Origin, and it’s a battle royale style game that is designed with the player in mind.

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