OpenSea and MetaMask Block Users Based on US Sanctions List

When the U.S. government designated Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA, as a terrorist entity in August of this year, it unleashed economic sanctions on its assets around the world and banned transactions with them altogether. Now OpenSea users are being blocked from using MetaMask because their IP addresses are considered to be tied to Venezuela or a sanctioned country so they can no longer receive digital tokens like Bitcoin on any site (whether for trading purposes or just making an account).

The “metamask not connecting to opensea” is a problem that has been present for a while. MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet, is blocking users based on US Sanctions List. OpenSea is also experiencing this issue.

The idea of a decentralized universe conjures up images of a future free of restriction. A platform where users may transact with one another regardless of their location or status, giving a means of seizing control of our digital lives and placing it firmly in the hands of people.

However, it seems that the Web3 ideal is steadily eroding as large corporations yield to political pressure. OpenSea, a New York-based NFT trading powerhouse, has put limitations on whole countries in accordance with the US sanctions list during the previous several days. Regular customers are complaining that their accounts have been deactivated without warning.


Woke up to my @opensea trading account being deactivated/deleted without notice or any explanation, hearing lots of similar reports from other Iranian artists & collectors. What the hell is going on? Is OS straight up purging its users based on their country now?

March 3, 2022 — Bornosor.eth (@Bornosor)

Furthermore, MetaMask, the world’s most popular Web3 wallet, bans users based on the same sanctions list. However, it turned out that a recent prohibition on Venezuelan users was erroneously implemented. Despite this, it proved that the function could be used.

As a consequence, nations like Iran, Syria, North Korea, and, most recently, Russia, can no longer access the sites without using a VPN. As a result, in order to utilize such platforms, artists and collectors must take extra precautions.

As a result of these findings, a discussion has erupted within the decentralized community, raising concerns about how to protect global digital freedom in the face of government-imposed restrictions.


OpenSea and MetaMask have been found to be blocking users based on the US Sanctions List. The company has released a statement saying that they are not doing this, but it is unclear if they are telling the truth. Reference: opensea not working on chrome.

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