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With the rise of online games, a new form of digital collectables has emerged. These are called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and they’re used in many different ways to create unique game experiences that leverage blockchain technology.

The “elemental nft” is a NFT that can be used in the Ethereum blockchain. It’s an avatar of the user and can be traded for other NFTs.

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When we consider the spaces we inhabit, the external elements that shape, direct, and constrict our experience are usually the first things that come to mind; what we notice far less is how we move through the flow of everything around us, and the intricate ways in which our unique relationships with ourselves form a completely unique fingerprint in motion.

Each position is symbolic, building up to a representation of ourselves in the avatars we pick, as well as how our body language transmits our emotions, the games we play with each other, our desire, and even, or maybe particularly, the telltale indications about our deeper selves we haven’t yet encountered.

Who knew such a basic stance could carry and express so much?

This is the endless interface that is a part of who we are, not the interface we wear most closely.

It’s what’s on the inside of our bodies.

Who knew that going shopping was the key to kinesthetic self-sufficiency?

To begin, we must gather the materials that would eventually create our motions.

We’re releasing an abundance of these ingredients stored and made available to all in the Open Source Elemental Libraries, including the core commodities and constitutions traded throughout these industries and markets, as we bring every complement into web3 fashion, from modeling to make up artistry to hair styling to photography and more.

We’re kicking off the Open Elementals: Avatar Library with the introduction of and, shortly,, a modeling NFT marketplace.

Designers and models create 1155 NFTs of different avatar files and postures, open sourcing them with visible on-chain provenance, giving any model and designer who uses this medium immediate access and empowerment to an unbounded variety of personalities that represent humanity’s whole diversity.

Amy3designer, a Global Designer Network member, is the first to submit a significant number of avatar OBJ files to the Open Elementals: Avatar Library, minting 1155 NFTs on-chain.

These 1155 NFTs may now be included into any designer’s master 721 model NFTs (i.e. when the model is utilized in the scene or garment being sold), giving the ERC-998 bundle standard a new use case. You can learn more about Fractional Garment Ownership and how we leverage ERC-998 for the web3 fashion supply chain here.

All Web3 Digi Models, as well as more and more poses, will be opened and transported on-chain into the Avatar Library.

Keep your eyes peeled and your feet moving.

As an example:

As if Loading…

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