OneOf & Warner Music Team Up for Further NFT Music Action

Music industry veteran and Warner Music Group Executive Vice President, Rob Wells has partnered with blockchain startup OneOf to launch artist tokens for the “next wave of digital platform monetization.”

The “oneof nft miami” is a new partnership between Warner Music Group and oneOf. This partnership will bring further NFT music action to the world.

Warner Music Group has struck a strategic agreement with OneOf, a pioneer in the ever-growing NFT music industry (WMG). In their most recent financing round in 2021, OneOf raised an astonishing $63 million with the goal of supporting artists and ensuring that the monies get to them.

WMG’s music agency will commission OneOf and WMG to develop unique NFTs for a number of performers. WMG has taken the initial step in collaborating with an exclusive NFT music platform. The firm is delighted to introduce its well-known musicians and labels to the blockchain, and it plans to employ Web3 technology to help artists and their fans interact even more.

“Partnering with OneOf, a leader in the emerging technology space of Web3 and NFTs, gives our artists an edge in more authentically building one-to-one relationships with their fans and winning in the new Web3 economy. We’re excited to see what’s possible,” stated Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP at Warner Music Group.

OneOf was created in collaboration with Quincy Jones and Quincy Jones Productions by Internet entrepreneur Lin Dai, digital media executive Joshua James, and music industry veteran Adam Fell. Other prominent names in the music business have also joined with the platform, including the GRAMMY Awards, iHeartRadio, and MusiCares. NFT music compilations by well-known musicians such as Whitney Houston, Doja Cat, and Alesso have also been released.

WMG is home to some of the world’s most well-known labels and artists, including Warner Records, Elektra, and Parlophone, as well as artists such as Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo. The collaboration between the two is undoubtedly a significant step forward for artists and NFTs. In addition, by using the environmentally friendly Tezos blockchain, OneOf has positioned itself as a “green” NFT platform.

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OneOf and Warner Music are teaming up for further NFT music action. OneOf is a crypto that allows users to create their own tokenized assets from a wide range of media. Reference: oneof crypto.

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