One Protocol to Energize Them All

The ERC-721 token standard has been adopted by the industry to help create fungible, tradable assets that can be seamlessly integrated into games and other digital products. One protocol will enable multiple blockchain ecosystems in a single solution.

The “charged particles staking” is a protocol that can be used to create an energy-backed token. It has been developed by the team at Energi Mine.

Charged Particles, have a wonderful birthday! On our one-year anniversary, we reflect on our many applications and celebrate at Hydra!

Charged Particles made a big splash a year ago! At ETHDenver this week, we’re networking and learning as well as hosting Hydra. Looking back on a year of rapid progress, one startling thing stands out:

Charged Particles, an unique protocol, is blossoming into use cases across numerous sectors. Charged Particles Protocol, like a Hydra with many heads, is expanding into a wide range of applications.

Within our Discord server, we’ve already witnessed the emergence of eight guilds in the categories of charities, art collectors, development, ecology, fashion, gaming, visual arts, and music.

Let’s have a look at 6 Charged Particles Protocol usage scenarios in action…

Tokens should be nested and time-locked in an NFT for a vesting period. Without having to wait for the tokens to enter the market, this NFT may be exchanged or collateralized right now. Here’s all you need to know about Vesting Capsules.

Vesting vouchers from the launch of $PDT have been deposited into Vesting Capsules by Paragons DAO. Instead of using a timer, the team has decided to use the Capsules as “Governance Vessels” as long as the vesting vouchers are kept inside the Vesting Capsule. Each Vesting Capsule is made specifically for each of Paragons DAO’s 17 founders. Inside, 16.8 million $PDT has been vested, resulting in a Total Value Locked of $25.2 million (at time of issue).

2. Unrestricted Music

A game-changing economic strategy for music distribution royalties: no costs for artists. Because royalties are converted to stablecoins, which generate interest for the distribution service until claimed by the artist, this economic model is sound.

3. Gift Baskets for Cryptmas Stockings

Both DeFi tokens and NFTs are included in the Christmas gifts. Tough Turtles, Groovy Afterlife, and Matrix tokens are three different versions.

4. Art Earning Interest: NFT-shirts & The Banana Stand

Steve’s $20,000 T-shirt was a wearable investment that grew in value over time.

The Banana Stand was a comical NFT that featured acclaimed “ape artworks” and $100k USDC compounding on the inside.

5. Crowdfunding Campaign: This Is Permanent

Esto Perpetua is a three-part tale that unlocks chapters when the Chapter NFT earns a certain amount of community contributions. This makes use of The NFT may be found here.

6. Tickets for Redemption

Soundwave Photon’s Charged Mountains is a set of twenty NFTs with integrated one-time redeemable tickets (tokens). Here’s an example of an NFT.


One protocol to energize them all, one protocol to lock them all, one protocol to charge them all, and one protocol to nest them all on the blockchain.

Do you have any new ideas for Charged Particle Protocol applications? Please post them on our Forum.

Users may deposit ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens into NFTs via the Charged Particles protocol. A rare NFT (such as art, collectibles, virtual real estate, in-game items, and so on) may now be turned into a basket that holds a variety of different tokens. The Principal amount may be time-locked within the NFT, and the programmed yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is only a few clicks away thanks to Aave’s aTokens integration.

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The “examples of charged particles” is a protocol designed to allow for the efficient transfer of energy between different types of particles. It has been used in many applications, including the development of particle accelerators and particle colliders.

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