OG Milk Caps NFTs Bringing Back the 90’s Vibe

Milk Caps are a new type of cryptocurrency that is similar to Bitcoin in the sense that they can be used as money, but has many more features than other currencies. They have an easy-to-use app with compatibility for both Android and iOS users, which makes them one of the most versatile cryptocurrencies on the market. The 90s vibe Milk Caps give off doesn’t hurt either!

The “nft collectibles” are a new type of crypto that will bring back the 90’s vibe. They will be able to be used on popular games like Fortnite and Pokemon Go.

It’s time to take a trip back to the early 1990s with an epic flashback. If you were alive in 1994, you were aware that it was a watershed moment for the internet. But that year was significant not just for the internet, but also for everyone’s favorite good ol’ Milk Caps game! Collectibles were slammed and flipped for hours on end by kids!

What are Milk Caps, exactly?

If you missed out on Milk Caps, here is your opportunity to relive the glory days of the 1990s with NFTs. Milk Caps was a game popular among youngsters in the early 1990s, in which they would gather spherical discs from a drink called POG (Passion Orange Guava), thus the game’s other names of POGs and Milk Caps.

POGs were like memes in the digital realm; these collectable caps were simply pictures of the culture of the time. The game is supposed to have started in Hawaii, where spherical discs were first used to seal gallons of milk manufactured by Haleakala, a Maui-based enterprise.

NFT Collectibles OG Milk Caps

With an NFT series named “OG Milk Caps ’94 Grail Collection,” a crew of OGs is bringing back the POGs atmosphere. The album will have 7,094 remixed and updated versions of the original milk cap albums from the early 1990s. The OG MC community will be formed by the owners of this collection, and they will eventually have a voice in how the project is progressed.

The squad has 8 balls, poisons, and a slammer ready to be flipped all day. The release date has yet to be determined, however it is scheduled to happen between November 26 and November 28. On Discord, you may keep track of the drop’s progress.

Buyers may join the whitelist, which will be controlled by Premint, to screen out bots and spammers and guarantee that legitimate community members have first dibs on NFTs. During the whitelist period, buyers will be limited to two NFTs per wallet, and the overall supply will be capped.

What Will Happen Next?

Following the first debut of the Grail Collection, an unique “OG Milk Caps ’94 Owners Editions Auctions” of the original versions of the OG Milk Caps from the Grail Collection would be held, according to the project’s plan. Each original mint will earn a portion of the trade royalties generated by the OG Milk Cap design. More information will be released later.

A token launch is also in the works, so be sure to stack your OG Milk Caps to earn $CAPS tokens, which can be used to purchase new cap designs and strong slammers across several collections. In any future games, $CAPS will be the dominant token. New partnerships and designs are also in the works, as are new mints for chosen partner communities and game deployment.

Let’s resurrect the carefree spirit of the 1990s with NFTs!

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