nWay Launch Winter Olympics Play-to-Earn NFT Game

The Winter Olympics are right around the corner, and nWay is launching a new NFT game that’s all about playing to earn!

The “nway olympics nft” is an NFT game that allows players to earn crypto by participating in the Winter Olympics. Players can also buy-in for a chance at winning a prize.

A fully-licensed, play-to-earn NFT game centered on the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing was just introduced by ‘nWay,’ a subsidiary of metaverse behemoth Animoca Brands. Ironically, due to China’s ban on cryptocurrencies and the intricate legislation governing NFTs, the game will not be accessible to Chinese players.

The Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022, which debuted on February 3rd, is a multiplayer game in which participants participate in digital winter sports in order to obtain NFT digital Olympic pins in a variety of rarities. To play, participants must produce tickets that are linked to NFT pins, with each NFT pin having a limited number of tickets associated with it.

Those interested in starting their NFT-fueled Olympic trip may either buy pins from nWay’s website or a secondary market, or play in Free Matches to win pins. Users may dress their avatars in a variety of winter sports attire once they get access to frosty gameplay.

“The Olympic Games are the world’s greatest athletic celebration,” Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay, has said of the game, which allows players to leave their mark on the Olympic legacy: “The Olympic Games are the world’s largest sporting celebration. We can’t think of a better genre than party games to get people of all gaming abilities involved in this enormous worldwide event. Making Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 a play-to-earn title will allow gamers and NFT collectors alike to not only connect with the Olympic Games, but also own a piece of Olympic history.”

Despite having just obtained license rights in June, nWay was able to create and deploy the app in little over six months. After the Winter Olympics conclude in late February, the business intends to continue growing the platform by regularly providing new events for consumers to enjoy.

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The “play-to-earn blockchain games” is a new game that allows players to earn NFTs by playing the game. The nWay team has also released a winter Olympics version of the game.

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