Nine Chronicles Arena Season 2: 224K NCG Reward Pool, Begins March 4th!

The Nine Chronicles Arena Season 2 is coming back with a new distribution method. In order to have the opportunity for more frequent rewards, players will be able to choose from 4 different tiers of reward packages that increase in value over time. The NCG prize pool starts at 224K NCG and increases by 50K each week until reaching 1M on March 17th! Join our Discord today to discuss your favorite games while we are still updating this page!

The “nine chronicles arena season 1” is a blockchain-based game that has been around for quite some time now. The game has 224K NCG reward pool, and will be starting on March 4th.

We are thrilled to announce that Arena Season 2 will be the first Arena Season of the year, with more competitive events to come.

We’ve made a few changes based on input from our community to better serve the requirements of our active explorers. It implies that players and NCG holders will get more prizes, while bots and abusers will receive less. It will be a fairer warrior’s struggle.

Prepare yourselves, Adventurers; we’ll be seeing you shortly!


  • Season 2 begins on March 4th, 2022 (3,528,000 block) and finishes on March 20th, 2022 (roughly) (3,640,000 block)
  • Total prize pool of 224K NCG, including competitive rewards for the top 3000 participants. (The total amount has been changed since Season 3 will premiere in one and a half months.)
  • Monster Collection (staking) users will get 200 percent extra goodies.

Several community complaints about bot accounts were made throughout the previous season.

We have a “medal” system in place to encourage new users to play-and-earn. Each fight has a 30% chance of awarding the player a season-exclusive medal. A pool of NCG would be split by the total number of medals achieved by all arena competitors at the conclusion of the season.

There were community recommendations to eliminate medal prizes entirely due to potential misuse, however we chose to reduce the number of incentives while urging the community to keep NCG.

As a result, we devised the following measures.

  • The top 3000 players will get a ranking reward, up from 500 in season 1, and we will devote 75% of the reward fund to competition.
  • Medal prizes will now account for just 25% of the entire reward pool. This manner, even the most inexperienced players will gain some NCG, but the emphasis this season will be on competitiveness, talent, and perseverance.
  • Abusers that farm NCG through the portal will be filtered out using harsh bot detection techniques.
  • Players who use the Monster Collection function, which can be unlocked by staking 500 NCGs, will get extra prizes starting this season. Those who have activated Monster Collection will get an extra 200 percent bonus, bringing the total prize to 300 percent.
  • We are aware that 500 NCG is not a small amount. So with the start of Arena Season 2, Monster Collection’s tier 1 weekly reward will change from 80 Hourglasses to 1 AP Portion & 80 Hourglasses. (The current market rate of 1 AP Portion is around 4 NCG.)
  • This is a temporary fix that will be improved in the official staking update, which will also include a balancing patch. We’re concentrating on increasing the usability of NCG and focusing incentives on holders in order to expand our network.
  • At the 3,640,000th block, which marks the conclusion of Arena Season 2, a 500 NCG staking snapshot will be taken. Before the Season ends, activate your Monster Collection!


It’s quite easy to join the Arena’s second season!

  1. After completing level 17, you’ll be able to access the arena mode.
  2. Compete in the arena to improve your ranking.
  3. To see the entire rankings, go to the Nine Chronicles site, where the statistics will be published.


Arena Rewards are given out every week.

  • Top players will get a maximum of 84000 NCG after each Arena week (every 56000 blocks), depending on their rankings.
  • During this Season, there will be two weekly reward allocations.


Medals of Honor


  • Medals are distributed according to the previous season’s distribution. Each player has a 30% chance of obtaining a Season 2 Medal for every Arena combat.
  • A maximum of 56000 NCG will be awarded all Arena participants after the season, based on Medals earned and Monster Collection utilization. The more difficult you play, the more awards you will get.
  • Those who have activated Monster Collection will get an extra 200 percent bonus, bringing the total prize to 300 percent.


We anticipate our adventurers to plan ahead for Arena Season 2 by making or purchasing things from the marketplace.

Item level requirements will be added when Arena Season 2 concludes, as stated in the roadmap. This is a critical upgrade for balancing the economic system by extending the lifespan of each piece of equipment and stabilizing equipment market pricing. Players will be allowed to use things one tier above their power level as a design guiding concept.

The item equipment table is shown below. We hope you find this advice useful in preparing for the market and arena. Also, this isn’t the final balance; there will be a testnet launch where players can check out the new settings, and we’ll take input from the community before the actual release later this month.



What exactly is a ‘Monster Collection?’

Monster Collection is a function that enables users to gain essential resources by putting Nine Chronicles Gold into the game (NCG). To take part, go to the launcher and access the Monster Collection page, then stake NCG. Your prizes will increase as you gather more monsters. If you decide to quit collecting, you will get a refund of any NCGs you have placed. Hourglasses and Action Point (AP) potions are the prizes. These aid in player advancement and may be traded in the marketplace.

For additional information, see the Monster Collector release blog: Release Blog.

The “nine chronicles error code 26” is an issue that happens when you try to enter the game. This article will help you fix the problem.

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