Nick Davis to Launch Black is Beautiful NFT Collection

The NFT collection is a series of four Black is Beautiful-themed cryptocurrency collectibles. The set includes: Black Lives Matter, Racism Kills, What Is Race?, and Tear Gas Grenade. Each icon features the original likenesses for your favorite black cultural icons as well as content from their childhoods that help convey their message to the world today. Expertly designed by Nick Davis, one of the most successful artists in cryptocollectible art history with more than $10 million worth of cryptocurrency assets under his belt – these figures are sure to be huge!

The “nfts art” is a new digital asset collection that will be released by Nick Davis in November. The collection is called the Black is Beautiful NFT Collection.

In preparation for the release of “Black is Beautiful,” renowned artist Nick Davis honors both his ancestry and community. A well designed ode to the varied kaleidoscope of culture that permeates his daily life and serves as inspiration for his art.

Nick Davis resorted to his longtime interest of painting after his incapacitating epilepsy rendered him unable to work. Armed simply with an iPad, he set out on an adventurous adventure motivated by the colorful lives of others around him and finally compiled a list of the struggles and hardships faced by common black Americans. In this way, his exquisite pictures capture the unfiltered feelings of his contemporaries while telling a thought-provoking tale with vibrant imagery.

Nick has collected a portfolio of 1,000 original works via this powerful passion project; all of them will soon be delivered in an amazing fine art-filled NFT drop. Due to his extraordinary skills, Nick has gained the interest of many A-list celebrities who have agreed to support his fantastic endeavor, including music industry powerhouses Jarule, Ashanti, and Macy Gray.

#BlackisBeautiful The artist Nick Davis of @ndartlife will release his strong #NFT collection on July 14. A portion of proceeds is used to help HBCUs. @JacksonStateU @DeionSanders @jarule @ashanti @WHI HBCUs Apply to be included on the “Blacklist” at…

— ASHANTI (@ashanti), 7/1/202

This magnificent collection of wonderful art will be made available on July 14 through the House of First platform as a result of years of dedication and persistence. To beat the competition, interested parties might join the “blacklist” right away.

Sign up for the drop >> Here


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