NFTxCards is Building its Own Metaverse for Adult Content

NFTxCards is a platform that allows creators to create and sell their own virtual goods within the adult entertainment market. Its latest project, The Metaverse of Lust, lets users buy NSFW digital assets from anyone in the world who has them for Bitcoin or Ether. Users can then use those assets anywhere on NFTxCard’s network or transfer to other people using traditional payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.

The “opensea” is a metaverse that is being built by NFTxCards. This platform will be used for adult content and will have its own currency, called opensea Coins.

As the age of bodily empowerment and sexual liberty spreads across society, it was only a matter of time until it collided with another revolutionary pop-cultural issue of the twenty-first century: blockchain technology.

The crossover occurs in this case because to the project ‘NFTxCards,’ which is creating an 18+ metaverse centered on all things sex. The initiative is releasing a ‘Crypto Muses of Protest’ NFT collection, which will lead its metaverse building, to start the not-so-taboo ball moving.

Protest Crypto Muses NFTs

The Crypto Muses of Protest collection will include 10,000 PFP-styled NFTs, each showcasing a female cartoon figure dressed in a bold, colorful, and unabashedly provocative costume and cosmetic look. 

Wear, look, feelings, and other characteristics are used to determine the assets. Each Crypto Muse will be a one-of-a-kind ERC-721 token, with some being more scarce than others. 

The project has just formally verified the whitelist mint date of May 18th as of today (a public mint will swiftly follow). Members of the Whitelist will be able to buy a Crypto Muse NFT for 0.069 ETH (about $200). 

Adult Metaverse NFTxCards 

The Crypto Muses of Protest NFT collection is the project’s first step toward creating an 18+ metaverse that will serve as a virtual playground for all things kink. The explicit metaverse will include a variety of activities that will allow you to be free of any restrictions, such as the publication of exclusive movies from real models and an official NFT marketplace (to which every Crypto Muse holder will have early access).

The project’s NFTxDoll arm, which launches life-like, 3D animated replicas of prominent individuals in the adult business, will also be included in the metaverse. 


The project’s plan will be followed in line with the selling of Crypto Muse NFTs.

When 10% of the collection has been sold, the project will begin providing funds to early investors and adopters, followed by investments in marketplace promotion when 20% of the collection has been sold. Once 30% of the adult metaverse is sold, developers and designers will be employed. 

Once 40% of the collection has been sold, a token-gated exclusive merch shop where users may purchase limited edition products and gear will open, and a ‘X-Club Performers Studio Shoot’ will take place once half of the collection has been sold. 

Following the election of a council to make choices on future performer selection and overall marketing strategy, the project’s community will continue to grow, with the establishment of a liquidity pool for the marketplace, as well as the staging of events for X-Club members and performers. 

The appointment of attorneys for the company’s IPOs is the last step on the project’s present plan. 


The NFTxCards team is made up of five people: a CEO, CTO, Project Lead, COO, and Talent Acquisition, as well as a ‘Dream Team’ of the most skilled and devoted adult industry and crypto fans.

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NFTxCards is building its own metaverse for adult content. NFTs are being traded on the platform, and they will be used to buy and sell items in-game. The company believes that this new ecosystem will help them reach a wider audience. Reference: fantasy nft.

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