NFTs to the Rescue as Struggling Artist Trials the Blockchain

The blockchain is a new way of doing business, and the music industry has eagerly adopted it to make business more transparent. However, this innovation can also be used for artists who want to sell their work without intermediaries or giving up control over their material.

The “upcoming art nfts” are a new type of token that can be used for art transactions. They are designed to help artists who struggle with the current market.

While most people are still dealing with the consequences from the most recent tumultuous month in crypto circles, one gifted guy has just just started his path. Beginning a beautiful rags to riches story of an artist striving to make enough money to pay for necessities like food and medical care.

After a rough time, jmw327, a pseudonymous artist, decided to test out these new-fangled NFTs. He posted an angry statement on Twitter, disclosing that his commissions only brought him around $10,000 each year. As a result, he turns to extraterrestrial technology in the hopes of supplementing his income.

I’m probably going to check out nfts; I’m not sure why they’re contentious, but I can’t afford to stay earning less than $10,000 a year, and if there’s a possibility, I’d want to be able to buy healthcare and other things. Sorry if this offends you, and please do whatever makes you feel at peace.

May 17, 2022 — jmw327 (@jmw327)

jmw327 posted his first NFT on the Foundation marketplace not long after. A sweet pixel art scene of a little girl calmly waiting on a street corner. However, the original tweet started to gain traction inside the NFT community at the same time. The message quickly went viral, and bids started to pour in.

By the conclusion of the auction, the single artwork was sold for a whopping 20.9 ETH ($42k), more than four times the amount the artist would ordinarily earn in a year. As a consequence, jmw327 can now afford food, medical care, shoes, Ferrero Rocher, and, most likely, a crown.

Despite the crypto bear market, it serves as a gentle reminder that wonderful things may happen even when the blockchain is acting up.


“NFTs to the Rescue as Struggling Artist Trials the Blockchain” is a blog post that discusses how nft collectibles can be used in order to help struggling artists. Reference: nft collectibles news.

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