NFTs to Serve as Lifetime Netflix and Spotify Subscriptions

People are increasingly turning to subscriptions as a way of paying for services before either committing or cancelling. What if NFTs were the subscription model?

The “opensea” is an NFT that acts as a lifetime subscription to Netflix and Spotify.

A new and creative Web3 idea is about to be unveiled by the Croatian subscription management firm Revuto, in which NFTs will act as lifelong digital subscriptions to either Netflix or Spotify. 

The digital asset, known as the Revulution NFT, will provide owners with a virtual credit card via the finch business Railsr, which they can use to permanently pay for their Spotify or Netflix subscriptions.

The asset may be exchanged on secondary markets thanks to a partnership with Once a transaction is completed, Revuto will deactivate the digital payment card and issue a new one to the new owner. The revolutionary NFTs went on sale for $349 apiece on the Revuto website on July 11 at 12 PM CET. Cryptocurrency and credit cards may both be used to make payments. 

Vedran Vukman, the CEO and co-founder of the firm, said that the goal of the assets is to provide the 350,000 users of Revuto a consistent monthly fee that they can simply share with their peers:

“Users may easily get their money back if they decide not to utilize the service, or they can make money by selling the NFTs. In order to finally make the digital subscription market fairer and more egalitarian, we want to make it possible for everyone to manage their subscriptions effectively.


The “NFTs to Serve as Lifetime Netflix and Spotify Subscriptions” is a new idea that has been created by the crypto community. The idea is that NFTs can be used as lifetime subscriptions for services like Netflix and Spotify. Reference: do you have to pay for spotify.

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