NFTs & IRL Utilities – is This the Key to Providing Value?

NFTs are the new currency for crypto. This technology is currently being tested in games, with some developers even integrating it into real-world applications like gambling and trading. But what will happen when people start using these digital assets to pay for utilities?

The “nfts, how to buy” is a new type of asset that will be used for trading. It’s called an NFT and it stands for Non-Fungible Token. This article discusses the history of NFTs and why they’re important. It also talks about IRL utilities which are real world assets that can be traded on the blockchain.

In the last year, the popularity of NFTs has surged. Despite the tremendous demand for NFTs and the fact that a plethora of celebrities have invested in many NFT collections, some believe it’s just a matter of time until they fade away. For NFTs, though, it’s a new day. 

To reset NFTs’ use cases and blockchain investments, creators are turning to utilities. Although there are around 23 million assets or kinds of utilities associated with NFTs, only a small number of them have started to offer their benefits to collectors and investors in the real world. 

These real-world encounters, goods, and services are entering the metaverse to alter the genuine worth of NFTs. And, although the actual worth of NFTs raises the value of the utilities or other advantages of having a piece of the collection, the NFT itself becomes more precious and uncommon. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular NFT collections and see how they use IRL utilities to give value.

The Benefits of NFTs with IRL Utilities

NFTs Vee Friends Popping Bottles

The iconic Scotch whisky brand, Johnnie Walker, was introduced to Web3 by CEO billionaire Gary Vaynerchuk. The “Gift Goat” NFT from VeeFriends will get access to an in-person luxury giving experience that includes:

  • A Johnnie Walker Blue whiskey package that includes a custom-designed, limited-edition Blue Label bottle as well as drinking accoutrements.
  • VeeCon, the world’s first NFT-ticketed conference, received a special activation. 
  • There are now 555 Gift Goat tokens in circulation, which will provide holders 18 premium giving experiences chosen by Gary Vee over the course of three years.

The partnership was launched during this year’s VeeCon NFT conference in Minnesota, which took place from May 19 to 22.

The Conglomerate — DoggTalk NFT  

DoggTalk NFT provides unique access to outstanding items and up to 50% retail savings on a variety of IRL utilities, including:

  • Striped Pig Distillery’s Specialty Limited Edition Bourbon. 
  • Royalty Spirits CBD Mixers 
  • Hemp Delta-8 CBD products by Queen & Pharaoh. 
  • A cannabis brand with CampNova, with as a delivery partner. 
  • DoggTalk has exclusive access to exclusive tasting experiences in alcohol and other consumer packaged products.

Furthermore, DoggTalk NFT is now distributing samples of their IRL utilities to prospective NFT collectors through their whitelist and community by giving away Knotfest Roadshow concert tickets with Slipknot and Cypress Hill. The performance will take place on June 18 at North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista, California, in collaboration with CampNova and Heavy Grass Cannabis Brands. 

Ape-In Productions is a production company that specializes in ape-  

Ape-In Productions is a production company that specializes in ape-, AIP, is the first NFT-based record label, with signed artists and released music. More recently, the founder and Grammy-winning super producer Timbaland and his partners, also BAYC collectors, released TheZoo’s debut music video, “Apesh!t.” 

TheZoo is a hip-hop group made up entirely of characters from BAYC. Lincoln Aperaham, Safari ‘Rari, Oro Blanco, Kid Kalahari, MoMoney, Wurdz Smith, and Congo appear in the song and video “Apesh!t,” as well as appearances from other Bored Apes and Mutant Apes, including Jenkins the Valet, a well-known Bored Ape signed to Creative Artists Agency (CAA). The single was created by Timbaland and released in connection with the AIP label’s founder NFT.

The AIP NFT, according to Jonathan Tenenbaum, CEO, gives holders access to music and art, as well as other perks including access to the AIP community, products, talent competitions, and the “Talent Pool,” which enables NFT holders to spend their NFTs in AIP initiatives.

Bored & Hungry — The First NFT Restaurant 

On April 9, people waited for up to four hours on Seventh Street in Long Beach, California, to be the first group of foodies to have burgers and fries with an ice cold Coca-Cola inside a Bored Ape cup, at the world’s first-ever NFT-turned-IRL restaurant.

Bored & Hungry is a part of the Food Fighters Universe, an NFT-backed restaurant group founded by Andy Nguyen, a notable restaurateur, alongside Kevin Seo and Phillip Huynh.

Nguyen and Seo created a brand by integrating their NFTs’ digital art and wrapping their restaurant walls and food packaging with IP artwork from the BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club. By connecting food and Web3 with their NFTs, Bored & Hungry also gives access to the metaverse to those who are merely interested in a good meal.

Bored and Hungry was supposed to be a 90-day pop-up restaurant, but it has now moved to a permanent location in Long Beach, California, and has become a local institution.

And, although the excitement surrounding NFTs may seem to be just that – hype, blockchain entrepreneurs and creators are tapping into a $41 billion worldwide industry, demonstrating that there is room for more than just artistic jpegs and fast buck scams. The NFT market, on the other hand, is continuously increasing and evolving, offering collectors and investors a new and wide spectrum of NFT applications.


The “nft s art” is a new type of cryptocurrency that has been gaining traction in the past few months. The “nft s art” is an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens and these tokens can be used to create virtual assets on the blockchain. These tokens are not like other cryptocurrencies because they are unique, meaning they cannot be duplicated or copied. This makes them ideal for use in games, digital artwork and even as currency. Reference: nfts art.

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