NFTLND Presents the “Vitalik Moon Lambo” NFT Artefact Auction

The Vitalik Moon Lambo is an NFT designed by PepeTheFrog in collaboration with the team at 0x. The LunarLambo token was originally released on Bancor, a decentralised liquidity network that allows users to hold tokens without any exchange risk and instantly convert them to other currencies or assets through smart contracts. An auction will be taking place during the EOS Mainnet Launch event on June 9th 2018 for this unique artefact which includes artwork from @pizzapinguino as well as an original piece of art inspired by moon rocks sourced from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The “Vitalik Moon Lambo” is a NFT artefact that was created by the ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterin. The auction will take place on the NFT registry and it’s expected to be one of the most valuable items ever sold on the platform.

Every now and again, a chance to acquire a piece of history arises. A piece of the Berlin Wall, a World Series baseball, or OJ Simpson’s gloves are all possibilities. Due to the acts linked with these goods, they all have substantial worth. In this way, collectors may now own an object that commemorates a pivotal time in the history of the NFT.

Worthy bidders may fight for possession of a new kind of artefact in a one-of-a-kind auction. Not just a tangible object that takes its owner to a historical event, but also irrefutable confirmation of that item’s validity. So, starting at 2 p.m. on February 26 and lasting for 48 hours, relic seekers may get a T-shirt autographed by Vitalik Buterin himself, as well as an NFT video proving its authenticity.

The item in issue is a one-of-a-kind real-life wearable with the viral “Vitalik Moon Lambo” meme inscribed on it. A silver-clad Vitalik is encased in the Ethereum logo and mysteriously levitates a cherry red Lamborghini between his extended palms. A fantastic item that boldly shows the Ethereum godfather’s signature off to one side, allowing enthusiasts to own a piece of Ethereum history, photographed during the ETHLND event on September 2, 2019.

The auction for this otherworldly treasure is part of the annual NFT London gathering, with the proceeds going to help support this year’s event. In the non-fungible domain, this is an excellent addition to any self-respecting NFT collection.

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of NFT history >> Here


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