NFT Worlds Transforms Minecraft into a Web3 Metaverse

A company has released a new game centered around NFTs that turns Minecraft into an open-world web3 metaverse. The game is called “NFT Worlds.” How this title fits in with the current blockchain trend and what it could mean for crypto games going forward.

Minecraft, the Microsoft-owned open-world behemoth, has just become a whole lot more fascinating with the addition of Web3. Fans may access a slew of NFT features thanks to the privately built NFT Worlds mod.

This excellent new version operates on third-party servers with a Polygon overlay, resulting in a very efficient platform with low gas costs. As a consequence, Minecraft has basically become a metaverse with stones, competing with Decentraland and The Sandbox.


Gamers may now own large plots of land, trade stuff, and participate in a play-to-earn adventure, all thanks to the $WRLD native token, which is utilized to offer utility inside the NFT Worlds ecosystem.

The project was created by developers Arkdev and Temptranquil, who have no connection to Minecraft’s owner, Microsoft. However, since the technology is open-sourced, they may develop their product on top of it and profit from the massively successful Minecraft game property.

NFT Worlds, which is still in its infancy, has already racked up 26k game hours in only three days of operation, and the NFT Worlds real estate now has a good floor price of 13 ETH ($36k).

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