NFT Project ‘Girls, Robots Dragons’ Brings Lore & Fantasy to Web3

The blockchain-based game Girls, Robots and Dragons is an innovative approach to storytelling in a crypto space. The lore contains four different types of tokens that are used for purchasing items in the game world as well as real life rewards, contesting bounties, and trading with other players.

The “d&d nfts” is a project that brings Lore and Fantasy to Web3. The project has received criticism for being too similar to the original game.

GRD (Girls, Robots, and Dragons) is a Web3 fantasy game featuring magical adventures and community benefits. The game’s gameplay is built on finishing a ‘Lore Book.’ Members of the GRD society are known as ‘Lore Keepers,’ who are in charge of maintaining the treasure of information and are linked to the tribes of Girls, Robot Dragons.

Lore Keepers get entry to the GRD game by collecting NFTs, where they compete against one another for prestige and prizes.

The Drop

The project is launching with the release of an exclusive NFT collection, which is created by legendary artists Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai, who created many of the artworks for Magic: The Gathering TCG, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars RPG, World of Warcraft TCG, and Hearthstone.

The GRD NFT collection will be released on April 4th, with Ether Cards NFT holders receiving up to 12 hours of early access and savings of up to 15%. (depending on card type).

Characteristics and Traits of NFT

The NFTs in the series are double-sided and will display a one-of-a-kind, 1/100 picture. They’ll come with a variety of redeeming features, including bespoke canvas paintings, unique three-tone drawings, creative sketches, signed and numbered prints, and online meetups and signatures from the designers. One of the 15 Girl, Robot, or Dragon figures will be the inspiration for their artwork.

Girls exemplify everything that is wonderful in mankind, including beauty, knowledge, bravery, and other extraordinary qualities. Five inspiring personalities, including Ash the collector, Billi the mechanic, Nyella the historian, Zaiyah the magician, and Mel the pilot, will be featured on the Girls cards. The goal is to collect all of their cards, learn about each of their backstories, and utilize them in combination to reveal apparently impenetrable truths. 

The Robots, as one would think, symbolize the future, whether as exploratory companions or as criminal collaborators. There are five Dragon cards to acquire, similar to the Girls, including the impenetrable Skytr, brute-forced Bruto, military genius Kacee, miner-turned-cynic Volby, and gas giant explorer Turo.

Dragons signify the unknown since they might live in the past, present, or in a world beyond human perception. Grethel, who treasures pearls of knowledge above all, Yeva, who gleams like golden rays of sunshine, Ror’Khan, the deadliest of them all, Koun, a riches and fortune supplier, and Falco, an ancient dragon, will all be there.


Common, Rare, Common Perfect, and Rare Perfect are the four card ranks, which means there are four prize pools.

Lore Keepers will obtain the associated Hero Medal by collecting all five cards (characters) of each kind of Hero. Lore keepers who earn all three Hero Medals (and so collect all 15 characters) for a single level may submit the whole Lore Book for that rank to receive benefits from the reward pool. Collectors will maintain their cards after claiming rewards, but the cards’ ability to be redeemed will be lost.   


Each of the four RGD reward pools will have a basic amount of ETH as well as a portion of the cash raised through main and secondary sales. Such awards will never run out, since the GRD team will replenish them with fresh ETH whenever Lore Keepers have used up all of the goodies in a pool.

The project as a whole cultivates the right mix for any Web3 gamers with a hunger for fantasy adventure, with industry-leading artworks, a broad array of characters to gather, and a simple rewards system.

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The “dynamic nft github” is a new project that brings lore and fantasy to Web3. It uses the NFT protocol to create a decentralized world of gaming.

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