NFT Platform ‘Pixel Vault’ Raise $100 Million via Bipartite Investment

A decentralised peer to peer marketplace for trading in-game items. It allows players, developers and publishers alike to trade NFTs with a secure, open platform that is also accessible from any device.

NFT Platform “Pixel Vault” Raise $100 Million via Bipartite Investment. The “pixel vault 100m advisors velvet sea” is a new platform that will allow users to trade in-game items and collectibles on the blockchain.

Velvet Sea Ventures and 01 Advisors (01A), two operator-led venture capital companies, have invested $100 million in Pixel Vault, a massive collection of NFT superheroes with the objective of expanding into a crusading decentralized empire. Pixel Vault Inc., a renamed version of the multi-franchise NFT entertainment corporation, will be launched as a result of the investment.

The new venture’s goal is to use NFTs and intellectual property to capture Web3 ongoings and crypto-community disintegration tales. They plan to do this via a range of channels, including films, video games, and television.

Michael Lazerow, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Velvet Sea Ventures, has been added to Pixel Vault’s board of directors, which already includes CEO Sean Gearin (commonly known as GFunk) and General Counsellor Jacob Wittman. Adam Bain of 01A will now function as a ‘board observer and adviser,’ rather than a player.

The parties, as predicted, have rushed to social media to express their enthusiasm for the new, ground-breaking platform. GFunk reaffirmed the basic principle underpinning Pixel Vault in a recent statement on their partnership with the VC behemoths, namely, that fans are the genuine owners and creators of everything involved in decentralized governance and digital ownership.

“The tale of Pixel Vault and the story of digital ownership are connected and will be told over the next several years,” Lazerow said on social media. The nicest part about Web3 tales is that you can now participate in them. It’s been an awesome prelude if you’ve been a member of the Pixel Vault community.”

Regardless of the fundraising efforts, Pixel Vault will retain 100 percent ownership of the IP, assets, and operations connected with prior mega-hit ventures like PUNKS Comic and MetaHero, as well as any future franchises.

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The “NFT Platform” is a new trading platform that has raised $100 million via Bipartite Investment. The platform will be used to trade in-game assets across games and platforms. Reference: nft trading platform.

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