NFT Mania – The Rise and Decline of the Mekaverse

With the release of EOS, NFTs have been in high demand and are now a primary focus for developers. The rise and fall of this market has shown us that it is not as easy to create an economic ecosystem around digital assets with blockchain technology.

The “meka verse nft drop” is a term that has been coined to describe the decline of the Mekaverse. The Mekaverse was once a popular NFT, but it has now become a relic of the past.

In October, a PFP collection unlike any other appeared on the market, putting the NFT community into a state of anticipation-fueled excitement as the Mekaverse juggernaut gained steam.

It all began with a tidal wave of publicity, fueled by a big 200k Twitter following. The enthusiasm on social media was palpable, and for a brief while, it was all anybody could talk about. The collection was released on October 8, to a lot of fanfare, and it sparked an OpenSea frenzy, with floor prices for the still-unmasked collection hitting 9 ETH.

The Mekaverse combat armour began to crumble after that. The much-anticipated big unveiling was delayed owing to a bungled presentation, and when owners finally got to see the finished product, their excitement turned to disappointment due to the lackluster looks. Despite the fact that the Mekas seem to be precisely like the advertised content.

Now, the project’s Discord channel has been hacked, with imposters impersonating as moderators and publishing false mint links in the announcements channel, which might be the last nail in the Mekaverse coffin. Mekaverse has yet to reveal the full scope of the damage, however users have reported losing large quantities of ETH as well as valuable valuables.

The debut of the MekaBots was meant to be an exciting day today.

For months, we’ve been working on this project with zeal. We are heartbroken that our community has been targeted, and we have no option but to delay the announcement.

Here’s a rundown of what happened:

March 23, 2022 — MekaVerse (@MekaVerse)

So, where does the Mekaverse go from here? Following a gradual drop, the project is presently at a pitiful 0.568 floor, a far cry from its previous 9 ETH splendour. Despite this, the team continues to push forward, with the release of MekaBots, their next spin-off collection, just around the horizon.

Mekaverse was all about excitement from the start, with no path to speak of, and fanaticism can only go you so far. To genuinely prosper, a collection must be built on strong foundations and do everything it necessary to safeguard the project’s permanent overseer, the Discord.

Take a look at the official website >> Here


The “meka verse nft reddit” is a subreddit that focuses on NFTs. They are often referred to as “non-fungible tokens.” The subreddit has seen a large increase in activity recently, but it is still relatively small compared to other subreddits.

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