NFT Holders Airdropped Singles from Snoop’s and Steve Aoki’s New EP

A group of blockchain-powered collectible cards called Singles which represent the three members of Steve Aoki’s and Snoop Dogg’s collaborative EP, have been airdropped on to NFT holders. This is one step in an ongoing process that will culminate with full release this fall.

The “crypto airdrop” is a new type of cryptocurrency that has been created by the company NFT Holders. The company recently released singles from Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki’s EP.

Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki have formed a Web3-centric music collective named ‘Alpha Doggz,’ combining their passions for music and digital assets. The duo is kicking off their collaboration with the release of a five-track EP, with holders of certain NFTs getting an airdrop of a song from the project. 

The EP’s first two songs, ‘Super Freak’ (featuring October London) and ‘Holy Grail,’ were released on May 19th, with the former being airdropped to Snoop Stashbox NFT users and the latter being airdropped to A0K1VERSE Passport NFT holders.

The whole EP, titled ‘Da Da,’ will be published on May 23rd, enabling fans to hear the two previously released songs, as well as the project’s title track, ‘Da Da,’ and singles ‘Girls,’ and ‘How I Do It.’ 

‘Da Da’ is published in partnership with Gala Music, the platform that made Snoop’s Stash Box NFT debut possible, as well as Snoop’s own Web3-focused music company Death Row Records. During a Gala Music-hosted AMA session in March, the Doggfather had this to say about the label’s ambitions:

“We want to make it possible for fans to purchase and trade some of the classic songs and recordings that formed Death Row’s basis.” We also want to add great music and amazing musicians (to the label), since this is what Death Row is all about: expanding and expanding.


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